7 Ways to Use WooCommerce to make your website a better place to shop

website a better place to shop

7 Ways to Use WooCommerce to make your website a better place to shop

There are so many ways you can make your website a better place to shop. From having a cohesive design that implements consise wayfinding that direct visitors to your products, all the way to having effective plugins that create a user-friendly experience.

While you can find an infinite amount of advice on how to approach making your website a better place to shop. There are only a few that actually work. Utilizing the Woocommerce Plugin is an excellent asset to any shop based website.

Want to find out more? Then continue reading, to attain some top tips. On how to make your website a better place to shop through using the Woo Commerce Plugin. These will undoubtedly bring you some exceptional results.


01 Reaching a wider audience

For starters the Plugin is free! Which makes it accessible for big and small businesses? Whether you are just starting out or looking for a change. Woocommerece is a great asset for improving the shopping experience. You can use the plugin to sell a wide variety of products from physical products all the way to digital products such as subscriptions or events. Which means you can gain access to a wider target audience. Perhaps even enter a niche market.


02 Separating your shops products

You can even set up categories and display a Stock Count feature levels, through using Woocomerce. This makes a website a much easier place to shop. This allows you to separate your products. Thus making it easier for customers to navigate through commodities available. On top of this adding the number of stock items is a great way to encourage viewers to make a purchase. As they will be able to see how much is available, therefore making it feel more exclusive.

caption of woo commerce stock

03 Better shop product descriptions

The way you display your products is vital to making your website a better place to shop. Woocommerce helps to display key details of products. Through having a variety of display options.


04 Improve your shops SEO

Improving your websites SEO (search engine optimization) is vital, to create an intuitive shopping experience. This is a great way to raise your incoming website traffic. Woocommerce is a brilliant tool to use for this. Through adding keywords to product descriptions, it will make those products more likely to pop up in peoples search engines. Therefore helping to direct more traffic to your website and as a result, gaining a potential increase in sales.


05 Better shop imagery

Including at least one image of each product is essential, to make a website a better place to shop. Think about it. Few people are likely to buy something that they have not seen. Even so, adding at least one image is the bare minimum you should do. Woocommerce enables you to set a featured image as well as multiple photos of each item set in an interactive gallery. By having multiple product images it allows customers to form a better idea of what you are selling.


06 Style of shop

With Woocommerce there are so many options to improve the way customers can interact with your shop. Paying attention to the styling functionality of your shop can pay dividends. For example through having different interactive functions such as a shopping basket that lets users view what is in their basket.


07 Showcase Your Reviews

Showcasing product reviews is another great you can improve your shopper’s experience. Through having this visible on your products this can increase your sales margin. As a lot of online shoppers, these days like to look at product reviews. This adds a sense of security for customers as they get an outside source of information to indicate what the product is really like.

In conclusion, adding Woocommerce to any e-commerce website is certain to help make your website a better place to shop. It makes selling and keeping track of stock much easier. Helping to improve the overall experience for you and your customers

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