Angie Lonsdale from Borrow Mae

I attended a session with Hannah from Delivered Social on Tuesday morning. The session was relaxed and we spent an hour and a half discussing ways in which I could improve my business’ social media presence.
It was a most rewarding house and a half, for someone who is new to the world of social media as I am, it was invaluable. Hannah was easy to be with and to talk to. She provided positive feedback on my website, and social media posts, with extremely helpful ways to improve.
I have already implemented some of her suggestions and working on the others. I cannot recommend this session enough, it was free which was an incentive, but there was no sales talk.
I will be back in the autumn for some support taking my business ‘Borrow Mae’ to its next level. Thank you. Angie from Borrow Mae

David Photography

David Weightman from Married to my Camera

Going in yesterday to have a chat with Jon was without a doubt the best decision I’ve made recently to try and take my business’s social media to the next level. I came away feeling inspired and with lots of ideas that I’ve already started putting into action! I’d encourage anyone who’s in the dark or feels like giving up on social media to give their free 1 to 1 clinic a go.

Nyree Forster from The Painted Desk

What a super experience. I booked into a free (yes! FREE) meet with Hannah from Delivered Social and didn’t know what to expect. What started as my having a moan about Facebook turned into a very useful and informative session. In the space of one hour I went from a reluctant user of Facebook to being ready to get stuck in and use it effectively for my business – thanks for making it make sense to me and my personal needs. I really was made to feel that I was on the right track in terms of IG which was a lovely compliment. I got a chance to find out about getting a website up and running came away feeling so much happier about the options for my little business. My normal reaction to self promotion is ahhhhh it’s all too hard, hide or how can I do it all. I actually left with some clear, basic goals and some thoughts about using Delivered Social to sort out a website. Thanks for letting me in through the orange door!!! Nyree x

Painted Desk

Anya Behan from Paratus

When I received an email inviting me to a FREE social media clinic I have to admit I was sceptical about what I would get out of it and whether it would be worth taking the time out of the office. After only 15 minutes I knew I had made the right decision and spent an amazing few hours working through our social media platforms with Jon. I’ve spent hours in planning days and reading books but left the Delivered Social offices buzzing with ideas and excitement on how to improve the company message via social media. What a breath of fresh air!! Jon’s delivery was honest, straight forward and his ideas achievable and manageable. Despite there being NO SALES TALK we have made the decision to work with the Delivered Social team on our website and social media delivery and can not wait to see how they help our target markets see us. IF YOU GET AN EMAIL FROM THEM – GO TO THE CLINIC!!!

Tom Shine from Platinum Fireworks

WOW! great company ethos here. I got in touch with delivered social as they looked like a local company offering exactly what my company needed. I got in touch and after a really interesting chat with Hannah, I had a free meeting booked in two days later. I met with Hannah and spent almost 2 hours chatting about my business and how we can improve, I thought I had most things covered but Hannah come up with some really clever ways of improving my online presence. I’m really looking forward to working with Hannah and the team going forward and believe this is really going to help drive my business forward. Thanks Again, Tom – Platinum Fireworks

Barbara Cormie from Action for Carers Surrey

We were offered a social clinic sessions and thought ‘let’s give it a go’, and we were very glad we did. We had a great chat with Jonathan about our current site and he gave us quite a few suggestions for straight forward changes that should make a real difference. It’s great to have some fresh perspective. Sessions definitely recommended! Barbara Cormie, Marketing and Communications Manager, Actions for Carers Surrey

Caroline Galloway Herbalist

Hannah helps put the importance of a good public image in perspective. Avery helpful chat showing me where I’ve been going wrong. Very helpful!
Herbal Caroline Galloway
womens business

Kelly Atkinson from Wimbledon Women Business Club

Jon delivered a talk this week at the Wimbledon branch of the Women’s Business Club, for which I’m club leader.
A fabulous talk that was brilliantly received by all and packed full of usable content that we all found so useful. Jon took the time to speak to me beforehand and arrived early to set up effectively. He was warm and funny and very at ease presenting. I love the way the business operates and their constant activity to add value not just to their clients but to the community as well. I’d highly recommend him as a speaker and am looking forward to my Social Clinic to advance my own business. Brilliant!

Rob Greaves from Inn at Home

Had an excellent session with Hannah this afternoon who was knowledgeable, helpful, enthusiastic and generally great to talk to. Will definitely be recommending.
Curated Living

Kim Scillitoe from Curated Living

Had a lovely meeting with Jon who completely understood Curated Living. Would highly recommend the free social media clinic, learnt a lot and came away with some great tips on how to improve our social media and website.

Sophia from The Orpheus Centre

The Orpheus Centre visited a free ‘Social Media Clinic’ yesterday. It was very helpful and would 100% recommend it for any business big or small. This has definitely made me think a lot about how we can be social media superstars! Highly recommend Delivered Social. Thank you x x

Dr Sara Baraka

Delivered Social have yet again blown me away with their wonderfully talented, highly knowledgable, energetic and bubbly team 😃 I was quite apprehensive at first and wasn’t even sure what I even wanted when it came to building a website. Jon, Rob and his awesome team created a fantastic website for me which I absolutely love and so proud to show it off 😃 Not only that but Jon arranged a slightly embarrassing but all round fun photo shoot on a beautifully sunny Saturday when he could have been at the pub and not thinking about work! Their service has been world class and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting help with a new or existing website. They are the bee’s knees’ 😃 👏🏼

Melissa Oldridge Hair & Makeup

I met Jon from Delivered Social about a week ago and he has done nothing but delivered on everything he said he would. He hasn’t disappointed me or said no to anything. He is honest and open about everything. I am so happy and so glad I found him. My friend and I had our reveals of our websites yesterday and we were so nervous and now looking back I have absolutely no idea why, Jon nailed our personalities, likes and dislikes. I think he understands us more than we understand ourselves. To be honest you don’t even need to take my word for it as you can go and see for yourself on one of his FREE social media clinics. There is no selling or pushing. He won’t make you sign up, it is in your free will. Jon is a really pleasant guy to work with and his team are exactly the same. We are constantly laughing and joking and yesterday we finished our meeting at the Ivy for a congratulatory drink! Excited to get the last bits over to delivered social now to finish the website and make it live!

Mindy Coe Photography

In all honesty, I’m not really sure where to start with my review of delivered social. Its been just over a week since my free social clinic and every part of their service has way way exceeded my expectations. Their honesty and care has been mind-blowing. It’s incredibly unusual that you come across a service that has it all, but these guys have really nailed it. Jon understood my brand and style from our first meeting and went off and created me a website which is just perfect. I am SO excited to get it launched and start having a professional looking site that I can be proud of. There really isn’t enough good stuff to say and I would just suggest that you go and try it yourself.

Lauren from Bluebird Creative

Yet another fantastic meeting with Jon at delivered social today. After having a social media clinic with him, I decided to have them redo our website and today only a week later, went in to see the preview. I’m so pleased with what they have done. Not only have they delivered a website that is super functional, but the design is spot on too. They have also given me fantastic advice and I cant recommend them highly enough! Thanks DS!!


Philip Bedford Photography

I visited Delivered Social for a social media consultation, and I was not disappointed. It was so helpful to run through so many tips and tricks around social media and best practices. I was given much food for thought and I really appreciated their time. Thank you!

Chris from 4C Prestige

We were contacted by Delivered Social and invited in for a free social media clinic. Have to say Jon, Hannah and the team were fantastic. Their knowledge and insight into social media, marketing and also our business was impressive. Running your own company usually means you are an expert in your field and this was an important reminder for us that we don’t have the skill set in the important areas of marketing, websites and social media implementation that we need. Together with Delivered Social we hope to take our business to the next level.


Jane from The Food Assembly

I had an extremely productive clinic with Hannah yesterday, I was initially embarrassed by my lack of social media skills but she put me at ease and offered me brilliant advice and suggestions. She knew all about The Food Assembly and how we work which also impressed me, and I now have a strategy and several marketing plans which I know will make a huge difference. Also impressed with the way they work with small businesses such as mine, I have already recommended Delivered Social to a couple of our producers. It was a pleasure, thank you!

Laura from Red Hot Yoga

SERIOUSLY useful, eye opening, informative and fabulous 1-2-1 social media clinic! Thank you Delivered Social  There was so much I was not seeing with my own eyes, Jon helped me with loads of fresh ideas and I would highly recommend everyone have a social media clinic here!!


Melissa Oldridge Hair and MakeUp

Had such a mind-blowing experience in the free social clinic. Jon was amazing and enthusiastic, he really puts things into perspective for me. There’s so much I didn’t know and realise about my own company. This has definitely made me re-think a lot of things and work out exactly how I’m going to achieve and get to my goals. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you.

Bluebird Creative

What can I say… We booked into a Delivered Social clinic on the recommendation of my sister, who is also a business owner. We were not disappointed.

We had a 90 minute ‘no sales allowed’ chat with Jon. I don’t think I’ve learnt so much on the topic in such a short space of time. He is brutally honest, but in a productive way that makes you want to fix everything at once and employ him immediately as your personal marketing and website guru.

Thank you so much for such an insightful session, really looking forward to working with the team to enhance our business.


Mindy from Mindy Coe Photography

Yesterday I headed into my free social clinic with Delivered Social with my friend who also runs her own business. As we stepped through the door we were offered, drinks, and popcorn.

Immediately being made to feel welcome, Jon came in and introduced himself to kick the meeting on. We laughed from the minute we walked through the door to the minute we left. Jon was the perfect amount of brutally honest/ nurturing and caring and made us feel we were in a safe space where we could talk about some of the things that scare us most about our business’. Although the whole session is a 0 sales policy (meaning you need to contact them afterwards if you want to work with them) in all honesty, I just wanted to hand over my money there and then and let them take care of my website and social media. I was incredibly impressed that they will not take any money in this instant, meaning it really IS a completely safe space!

I’ve woken up this morning itching to get all the things sorted I need to and know that it is possible with the right guidance. I would recommend anyone with their own business to drop into Delivered Social. After all… you may even get offered someone caterpillar cake mid session!

Natalie from The Beauty Nest

I attended one of the FREE social media classes today. It was so helpful and has made me look at a few things I need to improve to help my business grow further. Jonathan was very knowledgeable and really advised me. THANK YOU

Farnham Assist

Susie from Farnham ASSIST

I met with Jonathan at Delivered Social after receiving an invitation for a free consultation to discuss our online presence. What a help! Delivered Social understood the problems our charity is facing and made great suggestions to take us forward reaching a greater number of residents to use our services. I would recommend this friendly helpful team to anyone needing guidance.

Dr Sara Baraka

I attended an AWESOME Delivered Socials ‘Free Social Clinic’ today. Georgina’s organisation and arranging of the meeting was on point. I spent just over two hours at the clinic – time sure does fly when you’re having fun. I was a complete novice when it comes to websites. Jon provided invaluable help and advice today – boosting my confidence and faith in myself. Highly recommend the Delivered Social. A lovely, relaxed atmosphere. The only thing I regret Is turning down the popcorn!


Charles from Galileo Photography

It is always a pleasure to walk in off the street and spend time with the good people at Delivered Social. They really are about developing a great relationship with the client, and working together to provide an excellent service. They have built me a wonderful new website, and manage my social media campaigns on an on going basis, and I am confident my business is in safe and capable hands.

Mark from Evolve Body Transformation Bootcamps

I attended Delivered Socials ‘free social media clinic’ last Monday with Hannah and Georgina and was very impressed with the depth of content they provided for a free service. They were friendly, knowledgeable and gave me so much advice on how to gain more attention through my website and social media. I will definitely be coming back soon for further help putting my business (Evolve Body Transformation Bootcamps) out there, and I’d recommend any small business owners to come and see these guys, they’re awesome. Thanks Delivered Social!

Evolve body transformation bootcamps

Jo from Sandiford Green recruitment

My business partner and I visited the team today for a free clinic. So refreshing to be offered free advice without a hard sell! We came away from the meeting feeling really excited about our business and future growth plans. Jon and Hannah really got our business, and took a genuine interest in helping us making big improvements to our website and digital marketing strategy. Thank you Jon and Hannah – we look forward to a great working relationship.

Stefan from Vantage Point

Really enjoyed meeting Hannah and had a very useful hour with her to look at our social media and discuss how to improve it. Really helpful advice which I have already started to implement!


Mark from Blue Deer Design

Fantastic social clinic, lots of great advice and really friendly company.

Emma from Stage Coach Performing Arts

I have just been to visit Delivered Social for a free social clinic. Jonathan spent an hour and a half with me going through all his top tips on how I could boost my business, I am so impressed with the service, so warm and friendly…. I look forward to working with them in the future!


Cheryl from Bode Interiors

What an amazing team this is. We had lost direction on how to achieve a good online presence, Jonathan and Hannah sat us down and told us what Delivered Social could do for us. In just over a week we had a fantastic new website presented to us, which we are delighted with! They have also taken over the running of our social media – such a relief! Our emails are answered promptly and they are always at hand to deal with any queries we have had. They are a dynamic, professional, fun team who really know what they are doing – we highly recommend them!

Anna from

Totally impressed with how much the team ‘got’ my business, completely immersed themselves and provided such valuable advice. Jon and the team were so well prepared for my visit that not a minute of the clinic was wasted. With every critique of our website/social media came practical and in-depth advice. It is so hard to trust agencies to care as much about your business as you do, but I feel like Delivered Social really do. Highly recommend – prepare to walk away totally inspired and motivated.Great fun!

Meet Anna from CakeDrop.London

Jasmine from Jasmine Andrews Photography

I’ve been working closely with the team at Delivered Social for a couple of months now, in which time I’ve had an amazing new website built for me at an incredibly reasonable rate, as well as invaluable business advice shared with me at no extra cost. Always at hand to reply to any queries, nothing is ever too much! Will always be grateful to Jon, Hannah & Rob for helping me push my business in the right direction.

Melissa from Marek’s Fitness

Delivered Social have been fantastic in helping us. They are building us a new website & we cannot wait to see the end result. The business advice which Jon has given us has been invaluable. They have even come to experience what our clients do so that they truly understand the business and the message to convey! I can’t wait to see what the future holds 🙂 Thank you all 🙂


Daryl from Women’s Total Fitness Club

I recently attended a social media clinic with Jonathan. I didn’t know what to expect but have come away feeling so much more positive about my business and I can’t wait to start implementing the suggested changes. I’m excited to be working with such a friendly and professional team of people. Jonathan is clearly successful and extremely knowledgeable, yet also down to earth and great to chat to. I would recommend Delivered Social to anyone looking for direction with their business and help with all aspects of marketing.

Brian from Business Network International

A highly informative and valuable session last Friday. Very well worth the time.


Sally from London English Tutors

I recently attended a social media clinic with Jonathan. I didn’t know what to expect but have come away feeling so much more positive about my business and I can’t wait to start implementing the suggested changes. I’m excited to be working with such a friendly and professional team of people. Jonathan is clearly successful and extremely knowledgeable, yet also down to earth and great to chat to. I would recommend Delivered Social to anyone looking for direction with their business and help with all aspects of marketing.

Sadia from Sadia Barlow Photography

Such a welcoming and relaxed team! I spent almost 2 hours discussing how best to optimise my social media presence! No hard sell, just plenty of solid advice! I highly recommend Delivered Social to business owners needing to harness the wonderful world of social media!


Wilma from Orana Bees

Great first meeting with Hannah @ Deliveredsocial. Professional, practical, clear in what she can (or not) do for my small local business. Looking forward to working with Delivered Social.

Vikki from Orphic Glass

Super excited following my consultation with Jon at Delivered Social this morning, great to have someone so knowledgeable to brainstorm with, really looking forward to working with him going forward.

Northwood Byfleet

Ryan from Northwood Estate Agents

I would recommend these to anybody and everybody, they are a great team and highly experienced.

Oscar from DW Burns

Delivered Social is a really friendly and enthusiastic team. Found the ideas discussed very helpful and really worthwhile attending!


Anna from Drain Doctors

Great visit! A really knowledgeable, inspiring team, and good fun too.

Alan from Running Lotts

I recently visited Jon and his team with a view to having a website for my business, like most people meeting others for the first time (especially in professional circumstances) I was somewhat apprehensive. From the moment I walked in I was made to feel at ease, and was soon feeling that I had made the right decision in choosing Delivered social to produce my website. Since my visit they have frequently updated me on progress and I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product. I would certainly recommend them in the future.

matt homepage

Matt from Club Minecraft

Not enough can be said about Delivered Social, Jon and his team provide a tailored solution to all our social feed needs at a very competitive cost. I met with Jon for a consultation and signed on the spot, the level of engagement on our social feeds was beyond anything we could have imagined, and Delivered Social continue to deliver. Great Job everyone, very happy to have you on-board, and we are looking forward to the future of our business

Charles from Galileo Photography

With some misgivings I went over to see Jon at Delivered Social this morning, after receiving an invitation for a free one hour consultation to discuss my social media marketing strategy. Four very interesting hours later, and I can really see the potential of what Jon wants to do to further my business. I felt he not only understood me, he understood my business and where it can potentially go, with the right social media support that he offers. I am really looking forward to working with him, and developing my business visibility on social media.