Meet Anna from - Delivered Social
A social media marketing agency based in the hear of Guildford, Surrey. We offer social media automation, website design and marketing support for businesses in the Guildford area and beyond.
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Meet Anna from

“Hi, I’m Anna and I’ve been to a Social Clinic”

Delivered Social attracted me with their quirky branded plant pot outside their Guildford office, whilst I was on a ‘working from home walk’ (aka. go outside and look at other humans to remind yourself they exist). It was a real impulse to look them up and get in touch, having seen they offer free 1-1 Social Clinics. I’m so glad I did.

“…soak up an hour of constructive advice from people who will absolutely get you and care about the success of your business.”

Walking in to meet Delivered Social, I was immediately made to feel comfortable and as part of the team. They had prepared so well for the clinic, that I didn’t need to waste a single minute explaining my business. Come to think of it, I wondered whether Jon and Rob actually knew more about my business than I did…

With CakeDrop being quite a unique concept, we spend a lot of time educating the market on ‘how it works’. Not only did Jon and Rob understand the model, they understood the vision. From the moment they started discussing CakeDrop, I got a real sense that we were all on the same wave length. It was obvious I was in capable hands and so ready to hear what they would present to me.

Here’s where the brutality started, and what I loved the most. As a business owner, it is an absolute privilege to find someone who will stand in front of you and critique your website top to bottom, and then do the same for each of your social channels. I have never been more happy to hear “Anna, what the hell is this…?”. And with every observation came an action – how I could fix it, the quickest way and why.  Every minute of the 1-1 social clinic was valuable, because of Jon’s no-nonsense attitude to getting things done, and getting them done well.

“Every minute of the 1-1 social clinic was valuable”

Jon is definitely a fountain of digital knowledge, and has the ability to share this knowledge without making you feel small. In turn, I felt comfortable discussing how I run things, my plans and my vision for CakeDrop. There is nothing worse than trying to explain yourself to a web designer when you are perhaps the least technical person.

Over the past 6 months I have received weekly emails from companies offering social media services, usually wrapped up in the promise of a million followers. However I have never been keen to hand such a vital part of our business away to someone who may not spend the time getting to know our brand, our customers, and put a real focus on the future of CakeDrop and evolving with us. That is where Delivered Social stood out. Jon and the team really treated CakeDrop and I as an extension of them. This gave me confidence that they were there to help us succeed, not sell us expensive services we don’t need.

Delivered Social will align your goals, and for that hour put themselves into your business, matching your passion. Not only did I walk away with pages of notes and motivation to move forward, but confidence that I have the ability to take it on myself and no pressure from specialists suggesting its a huge, complicated job with a hefty price tag!

Go and grab yourself a cup of tea with Delivered Social, and soak up an hour of constructive advice from people who will absolutely get you and care about the success of your business. You’ll be amazed by their generosity, they may even take you to the pub…

Fancy meeting for a coffee (or a drink) and talking all things digital? Just contact us and lets set it up.

Meet Anna from CakeDrop.London