Meet Jasmine from Jasmine Andrews Photography

Jasmine Andrews, wedding photography superstar, chats about her experience with Delivered Social…

I visited Delivered Social for a social clinic, and I found the process incredibly useful. It was a very friendly atmosphere, and they gave me lots of advice about my website and my social media channels. We also had cake!

I thought there must be some kind of catch, but there really isn’t. Just genuine enthusiasm to desire to help. I couldn’t be more grateful!

I was super excited to walk out of the social clinic with an incredibly generous Free Ten offer: Hannah and Jon were going to build me a new website for nothing!

Over the next couple of months, I popped in a few times to see how the site was coming together. Hannah kept me updated, and it was very exciting to see my gorgeous new web pages springing to life.

Then came the big day: I went in for a meeting to see my finished website, and I absolutely loved it! Delivered Social even took me out for a drink to celebrate!

I’ve had an amazing new website built for me at an incredibly reasonable rate, as well as invaluable business advice shared with me at no extra cost.

Always at hand to reply to queries, nothing is ever too much for Delivered Social! I will always be grateful that they helped me push my business in the right direction.


If your business could do with some free advice and maybe a new website, book in for a social clinic today!