Meet Matt from Club Minecraft

“A friend encouraged us to pop in for a consultation with Delivered Social. After that, we never looked back.”

The initial meeting took place in their very welcoming office in Guildford. From the get-go, it was very obvious that Delivered Social offered great insight, support, collaboration and a unique perspective on all our digital platforms, right through from our website and branding, to our social media and even our own digital assets. That first meeting was a great round up and critique of our online offerings as a business.

Delivered Social offered us so much advice. Most, if not all of it, was implemented within a week.

I think we had already signed up in our minds, before we even got to talking about costs and terms. We were filled with confidence that the Delivered Social team knew what they were talking about, and were what we needed to help drive and expand our online presence.

It’s great to have the Delivered Social team working for us; each idea we have can be communicated to them using a variety of mediums, and the response is always quick. As our business is events-based, we meet with the team and decide on a campaign that is put into place – all scheduled ahead of time.

This gives us the ability to see all the posts right up to the event day, and allows us to tweak and change things as we progress. This degree of flexibility is a real asset to Delivered Social.

Delivered Social has really pushed us as a business to achieve all we can.

Since signing on the dotted line, our presence and following has grown to somewhere we never thought possible. We have had to increase the number of events we run and look at alternative types of events, including private ones! We continue to enjoy having Delivered Social on board, and are really looking forward to continuing the relationship with them into the coming years.

To find out what Delivered Social can do for your business, drop us an email and set up a consultation…