Ryan from Northwood Estate Agency chats about his experience with Delivered Social…

“I was at a loose end, in 2016, with regards to how to market my business online. Northwood is an Estate Agency, and traditionally the only necessary marketing in our sector would take place offline: pictures of properties in our shop windows, or printed leaflets in the local papers, for example.

But, as Bob Dylan famously said, the times they are a-changin’. These days, a lof of house-hunting takes place online. High Street footfall and newspaper circulation ain’t what it used to be. Therefore, it was vital to the survival of Northwood Estate Agency to create an effective online presence. I wouldn’t know the first thing about doing that. But, luckily enough, Delivered Social got in touch and invited me in for one of their “Social Clinics”.”

Northwood Estate Agents Byfleet
Northwood Estate Agency

“If you’re struggling to make sense of the online realm and how it can benefit your business, I would definitely recommend booking in a Social Clinic.”

“I popped along to their office in Central Guildford, and instantly I felt at ease. Tea was brewed, popcorn was popped, and I sat down with Jonathan (the CEO) in their cosy Screening Room. Jon took a look through Northwood Estate Agency’s existing website and social channels, offering an honest assessment of what we were doing wrong – this is exactly what we needed!”

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