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Delivered Social | Black – Recession Rebellion

£995.00 / month

Client specification

Social Media Management | Black


  • 20 posts per month on up to 4 networks
  • FULLY optimise your social media profiles and their branding
  • PUBLISH INSTAGRAM stories for your business 3 times a week
  • 2 fully SEO’d blog posts per month published to your website
  • BRANDED PHOTOSHOOT just for your business
  • 2 videos created for your business every single year
  • 5 suggested article ideas per month to increase your SEO
  • A monthly newsletter created and sent to your members
  • DIGITAL BROCHURE to help promote your business (and if you want we’ll give you the print files too)
  • Invitation to Project 10K with 10% off  – thing the Duracell Bunny but for your websites SEO.
  • Directors Day with Jon taking a deep dive into your business and looking at new ways to improve.
  • Customer Journey day with Jon and the team designed to make sure your customers rave about you.
  • Networking invitation with the team at our events.
  • Competitor analysis (quarterly)
  • Reporting every month via the Delivered Social app
  • Performance reviews at our offices every quarter
  • Competitor analysis (quarterly)
  • PR in magazines, websites (including places like Metro, BBC etc) once per quarter.



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