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The Client

At Delivered Social, we try and help out as many charities as we can with their digital marketing needs, including Care of Pet Professionals!

The team at Care of Pet Professionals shared with us the tear-jerking statistic that more than 40% of pet professionals are struggling with their mental health due to work. It’s an incredibly stressful industry and many do not believe there is enough support in place to help them in times of need.

That is where Care of Pet Professionals step in. They work with those in the industry, whether they be vets, groomers or anyone in between, ensuring they have the resources available to them to improve their mental health. We were over the moon to help more people realise there is an organisation out there to support them! Our web team got stuck in right away.

The Mission

The Care of Pet Professionals team needed a brand new site that allowed them to demonstrate their vast array of support and the true passion they have for looking after this industry. It is quite a niche service which is recognised by the horrible statistics mentioned earlier! Because of this, it was important the website could detail exactly what the team are doing and who can benefit from this charitable cause.

  • Highlight their brand identity.

  • Revamp their colour palette & logo design.

  • Optimise the website for search engines and user experience.

The Results

care of pet professionals
care of pet professionals

We dedicated a section to their brand identity – they have such a lovely story to tell and it was important more supporters and partners could see this.

Similarly, the site is now fully branded to reflect their other platforms and the messages they are trying to convey to those who want to donate or use their support. With easy navigation, anyone who wants to get involved knows exactly how to do so. Our aim is always to improve the exposure of causes like Care of Pet Professionals and a sleek, user-friendly website is one major way of ensuring that is possible.

  • Dedicated brand identity page.

  • Fully tagged and optimised on-page strategy.

  • Implementation of new branding, colour scheme and copy.

  • Simplified design to better user experience and draw in supporters.

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