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DiCE stands for Diversity in Conferences and Events. This social enterprise was set up by Meena Chander, who we have worked with already on her virtual conference, This Is Us 2020! The aim of the organisation is to advance Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace through the platform of conferences and events. This includes a mentorship programme for underrepresented groups in the events industry. To really get the social enterprise off the ground, it needed a new website! Keep on reading to learn more about the site that we have created.


DiCE: The Results

The site needed to feel fresh and vibrant to reflect the new social enterprise. But, it also needed to convey quite a lot of information in an effective way without seeming too cluttered. So, we stuck with the usual colour palette used by Meena’s company, Events Together, to give cohesion between the two. Plus, it’s nice and bright so it was always going to work well! We used colour blocks with fun animations on them to separate the information and make sure the whole site is easy to read. Furthermore, we also made sure to include a comprehensive contact form, so anyone who is interested in DiCE can easily register that interest. Overall, we are really pleased by how this site has turned out and the great start it gives this social enterprise!

DiCE Mobile

Why not visit the DiCE website here to check it out.

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