Door of Hope

A brand new website for this charity that transforms lives

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Find out more about the new site that we designed and built for them, free of charge as a part of our Delivered Social Green initiative. In our social clinics, we often welcome new charities such as Door of Hope.

Door of Hope does amazing work to transform the lives of marginalised and disadvantaged communities in Eastern Europe. Their mission is to promote education and offer new opportunities through projects and social care, spreading their love of Christ. Their message is so prominent, they needed a suitable website to promote what they do and how they help these amazing people.

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Door of Hope

Door of Hope: The Results

 We created a bold, informative website for Door of Hope for FREE! We included the colours of their charity logo into the website. Our team was careful not to detract from their message and vision, so used images that reflect the work they do. The site also incorporates clear and easy navigation that lets people view projects new and old. Overall, this has given their website an enhanced online presence, making it easier for visitors to find them!

Door of Hope

Why not visit Door of Hope’s website here to check it out.

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