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The Client

Endometriosis South Coast are an inclusive charity supporting people who are going through the diagnosis stages of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis or have been diagnosed with the conditions.

Their amazing team are working to improve the research and understanding of these terrible conditions while ensuring they can support people struggling as much as possible. From PhD research to social media campaigns and balls, they are doing everything they can for this cause and bringing hope to so many people around the globe living in the dark.

The Mission

There is next to no research or information out there about Endometriosis. Certainly not enough to equip people who are diagnosed or even struggling with symptoms. This means that many people go through years of life not knowing why they are in so much pain or why they cannot conceive. It can take decades to receive a diagnosis, and even then – many have to endure medical gaslighting before they get the answers they need.

In light of this – we were thrilled to be able to help out this charity and equip them with a brand new website as well as SEO and social media strategies that will boost their online presence and get their research heard!

  • Simple, user friendly web design.

  • Condensed information on limited pages.

  • Social media campaign highlighting their research.

  • Articles addressing pressing topics & highlighting important keywords.

The Results

tigon scaffolding

Endometriosis South Coast needed some exposure that was going to target Portsmouth and the rest of the UK.

We started with a shiny new website – including some incredible information supplied by Jodie. She is carrying out research for her PhD and alongside others in the team, they are building up the resources within the site to allow those that need it. We then worked to create a number of social posts and articles that highlighted the work they do and the incredible cause they are working towards.

  • Local SEO content strategy.

  • Social media presence built from the ground up.

  • Mobile optimised website.

  • Targeting crucial topics & keywords.

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