Mary How Trust

Web Design

The Client

Mary How Trust offers donation-based health screening and support around health concerns to those who may otherwise not have access to such things.

Named after Mary How who died of bowel cancer without access to the care she needed – her husband vowed to make testing available to as many people as possible.

The Mission

Mary How Trust needed something that would draw in those people that need their service the most and be easy to navigate in order to get the contacts and support they need as quickly as possible.

The website needed to be extensive, although condensed with only the most important and useful statistics and information. This meant sifting through a lot of copy and their previous design that was a little complicated. From here it was all about aesthetics and user expereince.

  • Simple navigation to each service.

  • Better exposure to their team’s capabilities and previous work.

  • Highlighting statistics and positive case studies.

The Results

mary how trust
mary how trust
mary how trust

We created a lively, user-friendly website for FREE that would allow people in need to find the exact people that can help them live a healthier and worry-free life.

The whole website is built with the Mary how Trust branding in mind – ensuring they have the easiest time spreading awareness about the brilliant work they do and allowing supporters to follow their story. With two main calls to action at the top of their site – one click is all it takes for people to find the answers they need. Whether they are looking for screening opportunities or want to support this amazing charity – they know exactly where to go.

  • Updated widgets and animated elements for improving user experience.

  • Clear calls to action across each page, highlighting every way in which they support their communities.

  • Social media integration.

  • Expansive but simple navigation around the site.

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