Niamh Anne McCann

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Sometimes in social clinics, two companies just click. That’s exactly what happened with Niamh Anne McCann

Niamh Anne McCann focuses on helping people to heal through evidence-based coaching and energy work. She offers three key stages to help clients reach their goals and transform their lives as a result. She needed a brand new website to showcase everything that she does. Keep reading to find out more about it!

Niamh Anne McCann

Niamh Anne McCann: The Results

We worked hard to create a website that feels calm and serene, reflecting what Niamh Anne McCann does as part of her business. We also connected it to the ocean, using magery and a colour palette based around blue. The site is clearly laid out, so that visits can find what they’re looking for and easily see how Niamh can help them. Overall, the site has a calm feel that reflects her business well and gives her an enhanced online presence.

Niamh Anne McCann mobile

Why not visit Niamh Anne McCann’s website here to check it out.

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