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Sometimes in social clinics, two companies just click. That’s exactly what happened with The Sunset Suite.

This business provides some of the most luxurious holidays you can image! So, they needed an equally luxurious website to really show off what they’re all about. Delivered Social were happy to build it for them!

The Sunset Suite website design

The Sunset Suite: The Results

With The Sunset Suite being a completely remote business, an amazing website is essential for increasing client attraction. This was achieved through simplifying the user journey, taking the reader on a trip around the world and showing them the all-inclusive luxury holidays they could be planning.

A key requirement for the website was to have as much sunset related imagery as possible so the user knows that each and every one of the amazing locations available first and foremost comes with a beautiful view. This look was captured through the amazing photography of the business and worldwide locations. Delivered Social added a little extra with bespoke icons inline with the brand of The Sunset Suite. This also helps ease the flow of the website.

The Sunset Suite mobile view

Why not visit The Sunset Suite’s website here to check it out.

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