There is plenty of public parking in Guildford for you to choose from. If you’re visiting Delivered Social, there are two main car parks that we recommend you use. There is parking available outside our offices, but it is only available for 30 minutes. So, unless you are here for a very short time, it is advised that you park in either Millbrook or Millmead car parks. Our Social Clinics generally last for around an hour and a half, so if you are visiting for one, we definitely recommend you allow at least this long. These are both a short walk away, allowing for easy access to our offices. These car parks both cost just over £1 per hour. This is good value for public parking in Guildford! See the maps above for the location of these car parks.

Millbrook Public Car Park (Guildford)

Millmead Public Car Park (Guildford)

However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, or would like to park in a more central location, there is plenty of other parking in Guildford. The multistory car park by the train station costs just £1 per hour in the daytime. There are also car parks near the Friary Centre and Waitrose. Guildford has lots to offer, including a wide range of shops, restaurants, and cultural venues. So, why not combine your visit to Delivered Social with a chance to see more of the historic town we are based in? These car parks are the perfect base to explore the town from. If you would like more information about public parking in Guildford, you can visit the Guildford Borough Council website here.

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