Social Media for Gift Shops

We help gift shops build brand awareness without all the daily social media struggle.

Want to turn social media into your secret weapon for maximising brand awareness and connecting customers with your businesses?

Often find yourself lost on Instagram looking for gift ideas for that special someone? Well, your potential customers are doing this too.

Social media is where people go for #inspo, plan their next purchase and engage with their favourite brands.

You need to place yourself on the platforms your audience is searching on and we’re passionate about getting you seen!

Our Social Media for gift shops package will help you to turn your followers into customers and really make them feel part of your community.

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Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even Pinterest offer so many benefits.

  • Identify what makes you POP and showcase this across your channels!
  • Make your channel the go-to place for gift inspiration
  • Increased brand awareness and exposure online
  • Create engagement with social media for gift shops, events and community hubs.
  • Grow your audience and maximise your organic reach
  • Increase interaction between customers
  • Simple & personable communication
Social Media for gift shops

That’s a great question. What we’ve learned with years of experience is that there really isn’t one strategy that fits all. Understanding social media is vital for increased brand awareness and engagement.

Here are a few things we’d suggest:

  • Showcase must-have products, trending gifts and holiday specials!
  • Utilise shopping features across Instagram and Facebook and maximise touch points and product clicks.
  • How often do you engage on your brand’s behalf? It’s time to build a network of happy clients, relevant media and publications.
  • Engagement works both ways! Make the most out of relevant hashtags and trending media.
  • Respond to customers through direct messaging. Whether it’s opening hours, product options or additional details, social media allows you streamline communication

Here are four social media ideas that if you are not yet posting then you really should.

  1. Offer exclusive discounts and incentives for engaging with your social platforms.
  2. Celebrate your favourite products, promotional offers and team members!
  3. Why not create a ‘gift guide’ and enrich your audience with advice and recommendations.
  4. Utilise engagement strategy and Facebook Recommendations to build an organic audience. Testimonials are great for this.

Our social media for gift shops package will look at all of these for you – give us a call.

Having an online presence is so important for any business, no matter the size. Here are just some of the ways social media can benefit your business:

  • Social media allows you to create and implement touch-points across a variety of platforms.
  • Looking to build brand awareness? Use your platforms to highlight key messaging, success stories and events.
  • Organically engage with fellow businesses, shopping networks and events, and relevant media!
  • Get seen and maximise leads! Utilise organic and paid media to boost your online presence and connections.
  • Streamline communications and customer enquiries with direct messaging features and responses.

We know that businesses change which is why we don’t insist on lengthy contracts. We have a standard two month notice period – you are not tied in for a year. We want your social media for gift shops package to work for your business – and we know it can. It’s all about building lasting relationships and increasing brand awareness.

We’re not an agency that’ll tell you everything will be up and running within 24 hours. It won’t. We take time to plan your content and make sure your business is presented in the best possible light. It takes a few days but good things come to those who wait.

So why should you work with Delivered Social? 

We’re the most rated digital agency in Surrey – so we must be doing something right!

Whether you are looking for social media, SEO or website development, we have a team who really know their stuff- and they are passionate about helping businesses and organisations grow. 

So, what makes us pop?

  • We’re famous in Guildford and Portsmouth for our Social Clinics! We’re true believers in ensuring digital marketing advice is free and accessible for all. So, whether you are completely new to digital, or looking to expand on your current know-how, we’re sure you’ll come away from our clinics full of ideas and inspiration. Just remember to bring a notebook and pen!
  • We understand the true power of digital media. Our goal is to get you seen, through brand awareness and messaging that we believe will generate genuine leads. Looking to catch your audience’s attention, maximise your assets and engage with relevant media? Your online presence is a great place to start.
  • It’s true to say that we are real multi-taskers when it comes to digital. Whether you’re looking to expand on your social media presence or delve into a completely new website, we have a team dedicated to all areas of digital who will be more than happy to help. One size does not necessarily fit all, and we understand that! That’s why our engagement strategy and the content will be bespoke to your own business goals and agenda- simple!
  • Training and Workshops are at the heart of our work here at Delivered Social. If you are looking to take your skills to the next level, our workshops are the best place to start! We’re passionate about equipping you with the tools and knowledge to make the most out of your digital strategy. The digital space is forever changing and evolving, so keeping up to date with the latest trends, platforms and algorithms is super important. We even host regular webinars and podcasts!
  • We’re committed to social impact. We know that running a charity can be extremely rewarding, but also involves a lot of hard work! You may have heard of Delivered Social Green, our mission to provide FREE digital marketing support to charities across the globe! Yes… you read that correctly. We offer everything from websites and social media to campaign and fundraising marketing, at no cost to your charity whatsoever. If you would like to find out more, why not drop us a line at to get the ball rolling! 
  • Looking to work with an agency that puts YOU first? That’s exactly what we will do. We’re passionate about each and every one of our clients, and we are only a phone call away! You will be paired with a designated account manager who will guide and deliver your digital strategy from the start. We’re passionate about communication and delivery – we’re called Delivered Social after all!
  • The Delivered Social App allows you to view regular analytics and insights across your social channels, chat directly with your account manager, and access free resources and training should you want to delve even deeper into digital. We launched the Delivered Social app with you in mind. Communication is at the heart of our work, so launching our very own app made perfect sense! 
  • We get the ball rolling straight away. On day one, we’re ready to rock and roll. The team will ensure you are live within 7 days of launch. Yes- you read that correctly. Within a week of working with us, it is our top priority to ensure your social presence is popping. Content creation, engagement strategy and channel re-freshes are all on the agenda in week one. We love the buzz of a new client launch! 
  • Our common-sense policy is simple. We work from recommendations and training and understand that everyone has different goals for their business. If you are looking for a company that will listen and engage with your ambitions, we’re a friendly bunch who can be sure to offer a helping hand. Plus, everyone has access to our Head Honcho’s phone number! 

There are plenty more reasons why we think you should work with us. But our core passion here at Delivered Social is to enable you with the digital strategy and support that will see your business and online presence flourish. 

If you would be interested in finding out more about our services, we offer a range of packages across social media, SEO and website development. Check them out today

If you’re as excited as we are about making your digital presence pop, why not book a FREE social clinic with one of our experts. You bring a pen and paper… leave the ideas and popcorn up to us!

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