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I think all honest marketers will tell you they’ve had to learn the hard way. Our greatest mistakes are often the ones that teach us the most. Mine was not taking enough time out of my business to help it grow. Stepping back and looking in will really help you to see what and where you need to improve.

Jonathan Bird, Director, Delivered Social

When trying to market a new business through social media or web design my biggest piece of advice is to try to think like the consumer. If you landed on your website homepage do you understand the brand or what the business is about? Can you find the information and navigate to where you need to quickly and efficiently? When it comes to social media, is the content you post exciting and are you giving me a reason to want to follow you? This applies to any network. If you have these bases covered then you’ve got pretty solid foundations to begin growing something.

Hannah Chapman, Project Manager

Hannah Chapman Delivered Social Team Photo
- ChrisDucker-BIO2018

The one thing that marketers, from any and all industries, should be doing to successfully get their message in front of as many prospective customers as possible is to simply ‘show up’. Show up consistently on their radars. In their inboxes, on their social media feeds, while browsing YouTube, etc. Showing that you care, that you deliver high quality, helpful content on a regular basis, and that you’re reachable and available is by far the biggest ‘competitive advantage’ you can employ in today’s very noisy world.

Chris Ducker, Founder,

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