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I think all honest marketers will tell you they’ve had to learn the hard way. Our greatest mistakes are often the ones that teach us the most. Mine was not taking enough time out of my business to help it grow. Stepping back and looking in will really help you to see what and where you need to improve.

Jonathan Bird, Director, Delivered Social

Get a strong acquisition/lead tracking technology platform in place, fully understand it and apply the Pareto Principle to every all of your efforts. This applies to all time and monetary expenditure. Even free Google Analytics will get you a long way to understanding whats working and whats not.

Matthew Whaley – CEO & Founder at StreamAMP 

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The one thing that marketers, from any and all industries, should be doing to successfully get their message in front of as many prospective customers as possible is to simply ‘show up’. Show up consistently on their radars. In their inboxes, on their social media feeds, while browsing YouTube, etc. Showing that you care, that you deliver high quality, helpful content on a regular basis, and that you’re reachable and available is by far the biggest ‘competitive advantage’ you can employ in today’s very noisy world.

Chris Ducker, Founder,

When trying to market a new business through social media or web design my biggest piece of advice is to try to think like the consumer. If you landed on your website homepage do you understand the brand or what the business is about? Can you find the information and navigate to where you need to quickly and efficiently? When it comes to social media, is the content you post exciting and are you giving me a reason to want to follow you? This applies to any network. If you have these bases covered then you’ve got pretty solid foundations to begin growing something.

Hannah Chapman, Project Manager

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When quoting for a project or work task there are boundaries and values that we need to work within. For me at the beginning of any major project I need to understand what are the key priorities and what does the client value most. Time, quality or cost. So I make it clear to the client at the briefing stage. You can have something FAST & CHEAP but it won’t be good quality. You can have something CHEAP & GOOD QUALITY, but it won’t be quick or on time. You can have something ON TIME and GOOD QUALITY but it won’t be CHEAP. Being focused on this makes the quotation process more straightforward.

Jack Newman, Founder, Boo Design

My business relies heavily on word of mouth recommendation as a form of marketing. For me, excellent customer service is integral to how I work with clients and my team too. When marketing your business in any way shape or form, I strongly believe that if you always come from a place of service to others, you can’t go wrong. Ask yourself questions like, ‘what can I do in this situation that helps others?’ or ‘how can I solve another’s need or problem?’ It’s not about you and what you can gain, it’s about them and what you can give. If you treat your business as a vehicle to help others and do good in the world, you’ll go far. And read the book, ‘The Go Giver’, which I think everyone in business should read.

Kelly Atkinson, Consultant,


Be sincere and authentic. It’s the most important quality I value in others, so I hold myself to the same standard and endeavour to communicate in the most open hearted way possible. If I show people I really love what I’m doing they are much more likely to love it too, then they are much more likely to become loyal customers and sometimes even become friends

James Mouland,

Did you know that Pinterest is free to use whilst at the same time widely underused by businesses? You can get your business one step ahead of your competition by making it consistently pop up on your ideal customer’s feed. Just spend a few minutes on your Pinterest account every day posting new pins. Treat Pinterest like a search engine and label pins accordingly, use keywords, searchable terms and you can include up to 20 hashtags per pin. Of course each pin should link back to source (your company!).

Liz Gatherer, Founder,


Get marketing working even closer with sales by having them both target the same accounts.  If the sales person has content intended for the people they are selling to, they can then drive awareness (one-to-one, person-by-person) with meaningful messages that tells that stakeholder, how your business can help them in their role, and in the context of their company.  Working this way to engage multiple stakeholders will build your company brand internal to the companies you want to work with, and it will shorten your sales cycle.

Laura Hannan, Co-Founder,

Social Media and email marketing work very well, but better still for your marketing is to be there in person, yourself. People buy people first, as the old saying goes.

Brian Wilson, Director, The HR Dept Guildford


Ensure to engage with your followers and people you are interested in talking to. Don’t expect to gain a mass of followers that will actually be interested in your company if you’re not talking directly to them! Consumers love to have easy access to companies to find out more about their ethos and to know if there are ever any issues, they will be easily resolved.

Sammy Baker, Account Manager at Delivered Social

Consistency is key. Whether its your tone of voice online or your branding via marketing materials – keep it consistent. Keep it on brand. 

Emily Butler, Business Development Manager at Delivered Social


Be true to you and your brand, there are so many people who try to copy what other brands are doing but you can always do you and your brand better.

Olivia Jade, Founder at

Be natural. People don’t like fake and you can see it a mile off. If someone senses that you’re not being honest, you’ll lose readers, and in time, your integrity and standing within your niche.

Michaela Britton, Founder, At Home with Kayla 

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Being authentic is important. When people see that you are being genuine and that you have passion about what you are doing, it can make a world of difference.

Dorothy Peaple, Founder, From a Yellow House

Be confident in your work, website or product and reach out wherever possible to let others know what you have to offer. Pitching and contacting companies / brands to introduce yourself and your ideas can seem quite daunting, but you should try to put yourself out there wherever possible. It’s all about creating connections, networking and letting people know that you exist and have value.

Christy Bruckner, Founder,  Welsh Mum of One 

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the art of healthy living

You can’t expect people to buy into your brand unless you do yourself and part of that is the process of knowing who you are and the values you stand for. Discover your own unique voice and stick with it. Familiarity, personality and regularity are all very powerful tools and essential in building the trust of your customers, clients or followers.

Becky Stafferton, Founder, The Art of Healthy Living

Networking is so important, I like go the extra mile and see my PR contacts as friends rather than just business associates. Reach out to them on a regular basis, and always follow up any assignments through them with a thank you email. Being friendly and approachable makes you stand out from the crowd.

Latoya Ford, Life Coach,


To effectively market your business, you need to produce high quality content consistently. Everything needs content, your blog, social media, marketing campaigns, landing pages, email marketing and and and…..The best way to keep up the consistency is to always focus on your natural voice (are you a vlogger, blogger, love podcasting?). Start with that piece of content and then repurpose it across your marketing platforms.

Helen Munshi, Business Strategist, The Start Up Studio

Get creative! Different social media platforms have so many amazing tools and features – use them!
Rather than posting the same thing on every platform, keep it fun and diverse to maximise your interaction with your followers!

Harriet Walters, Junior Marketing Executive, Delivered Social 

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When growing your brand make sure everything relates and is relevant to what you want the overall brand to look and feel like to the customer/ viewer. Keep them drawn in by having interesting pictures and links to other products/ posts you’ve got.
Post on social media to spread the word about your brand/ products/ posts as much as possible and at different times of the day. This will help you reach the most amount of people from all round the world.

Becca Slade, beccasloveforlife

Be confident and don’t be afraid to say no to a collaboration that’s not suited to your brand. Your brand is you and your business. Your readers are interested in what you have to say, so be open and honest!

Rachel Bustin, Family Lifestyle Blogger,

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Be sure to consider SEO, always! There’s only so much work you can do, but by putting work into optimising your website or blog for Search Engines you’re allowing the internet to do some extra work for you, even whilst you sleep! Remember to tag and categorise your posts appropriately, use hashtags on social media, make sure the images you use all have a title that leads back to you and your brand and will get customers/readers clicking through! SEO doesn’t need to be scary, a free plugin such as Yoast SEO can get you started and will boost your work much better than you ever did before, by hiding away in a corner, scared of the term and all it stands for. Help search engines to help you!

Davis, Blogger, everythingstartswithtea

When you’re building a brand, find your identity and stick to it. There are so many brands out there that don’t have a strong identity and won’t be remembered! Make sure your logo, branding and social media are all super eye-catching and stand out from the crowd!

Haydy, Blogger, Squibb Vicious

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Don’t be afraid to promote yourself on social media. As long as you’re not spamming your readers, social media can be a great platform to reach audiences on a global scale for free. That’s something that every business should take full advantage of!

Natalie Redman, Blogger, upyourvlog

People see your brand the way you see your brand. Have a clear vision, be authentic and believe in what you do and others will follow!

Chanel Washington, Founder, food4thought

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Decide what your niche is, own it and be confident that you are an expert in THAT field. That will come across as confidence when you are discussing or presenting your brand and encourage others to work with you.

Charlotte Pearson, Founder, Mummy Fever

No matter what you are doing, be true to yourself and your passion for the project. Don’t lose who you are or what you are trying to do in the stress of trying to make it work. It will be difficult and it will take a long time and there will be times when it feels hopeless. But, if you do what you love, the success will follow!

Alex Compton, Lifestyle Blogger, Persisting Pain,

What is a website without SEO? SEO is one of the most important factors in making your website successful as well as making sure that Google sees your pages. Make sure you add title tags, meta descriptions, internally link, get links coming into your website and most importantly make sure your content is optimised! Share all of your content on social media to get that all important traffic to your website!

Chloe, Founder & Blogger, Chloe Talks

Building up a good following is a must as they will also come back to your website especially a blog on the day you upload and support you on big and little things!

Jenny Hunt, Blogger, whatjendidnext 

When dealing with customers either face to face, over email and social media, being myself and honest and fair is the best policy. Matching expectations, costs and timings on individual commissions is the key to a successful relationship with your customer who you want to come back again and again. Building a customer base and relationship is key to success!

Lizzie, Founder, I Can See The Sea 

In the social media industry it is so important to remember other like-minded individuals and also your connections, as that’s how you got where you are in the first place!

Rachel Stanley, Blogger, Rachy Reviews

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It is important to promote your work the best you can on social media, tag anyone involved in your post and they may help you promote it. It is also great to engage with your readers/viewers and get to know them by responding to their comments and checking out their work too!

Sarah, Blogger, Sarah Trademark

Keep checking your broken links regularly, this has a dramatic effect on your site and can decrease your ranking.  There are many free tools you can use to do this.  I make sure I check mine once a week to keep on top of it!

Sam, Blogger, Stressed Mum

Focus on quality over quantity. You may feel the pressure to upload content daily, whether on your social channels or on a blog – which can be fantastic and drive a lot of traffic, but only if you are prepared to be consistent and feel that it is good quality content. Don’t churn out daily content for the sake of it if you aren’t proud of what you’ve created – make sure to post well thought out pieces at a pace to suit you. Ultimately, your followers or readers will find more value in quality over quantity.

Kathryn Watts, Blogger, Kat Got Your Tongue

There’s so much noise to cut through, to stand out you must add value. Be an expert in your area, network, attend seminars, read the news and stay on top of developments in your field so you’re always ahead of the curve. Remember that we are all constantly learning – marketing, PR and advertising changes all the time and so do the skills surrounding those industries. By being informed and up to date with the latest developments it will empower you to be the best you can be!

Rebecca, Lifestyle Blogger, Bright Lights Big City

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