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Instagram quote of the day..

21th June 2018

It's always nice to put some motivational quotes on social media, especially if someone needs inspiring a little. This was our quote from yesterday!

Jon had a day out of the office..

20th June 2018

Yesterday we kicked Jon out of the office to go and meet the amazing Paratus Limited - but obviously we made sure that he's comfortable for the day!

Another 2 great social clinics!

19th June 2018

Yesterday we had Angie and Liz come in for their Social Media clinic, it was so lovely to meet them, and give them advice. We also had Nathan from Synergy Security Service pop in for his Social Clinic too. We hope they all got some great tips for their business'!

2 amazing social clinics!

18th June 2018

Yesterday we had David from Married to my Camera come in for a great Social Clinic with Jon to discuss online presence and social media, and Hannah also had a brilliant social clinic with Ting from Meditation Body Work Massage. What a great way to start off the week!

We wrote a blog all about GDPR..

14th June 2018

Not many people know the importance of GDPR - what it is, and how it affects business'. We wrote a blog detailing everything you need to know about the new GDPR law. Make sure to get check it out on our blog page!

supporting work for good at the surrey business expo!

13th June 2018

Yesterday we had a day out of the office where we went and supported Work For Good at the Surrey Business Expo. It was so great to be able to encourage them to get their amazing business out there, and lovely to see so many people taking an interest into what their business is all about!

A star trek kind of day..

12th June 2018

We all had a bit of a struggle yesterday with our concentration skills.. So luckily watching Star Trek saved us and kicked us into gear!

Cat & Mouse Boutique Social Clinic

11th June 2018

Yesterday we had Gary from Cat & Mouse Boutique come in for a social media clinic, where we brainstormed all our ideas on how to improve his online presence, and social media platforms!

the painted desk social clinic

7th June 2018

Nyree popped in for a social media clinic where we discussed all ideas for her online presence, and the fears that she has on using certain things. It's so exciting to brainstorm all ideas on different platforms!

company meeting morning!

6th June 2018

Yesterday morning we all headed to a coffee shop and had a good company meeting. In this, we spoke about the upcoming future of Delivered Social, and brainstormed all of our insane ideas on what we can and can't do to make things even better!

A Pat Kirby kind of day!

5th June 2018

Yesterday we had Pat Kirby pop in for a little catch up meeting, doing updates on her website and making sure everything is running smoothly!

A website building kind of day!

30th May 2018

We spent time building a new website for Tom from Platinum Fireworks, we can't wait for everyone to see the finished site!

Fresh back from another bank holiday!

29th May 2018

Back from another bank holiday weekend, and we have got a lot to do still. Always have to make sure we keep on top of things!


24th May 2018

We had a lot to do yesterday, so it was a heads down and crack on sort of day. It can be very hard to focus in the office, but with the right mind set you can do it!

Platinum Fireworks Social Clinic

23rd May 2018

Tom from Platinum Fireworks popped in for a social media clinic yesterday. It was really great seeing their online presence and seeing different ways we can improve it.

Meeting Day!

22nd May 2018

Yesterday we had Lauren from Bluebird Creative pop in for a meeting to make sure everyone is all up to date with everything. We also had the guys from 4C Prestige come in for a meeting too! This was for little sneak peeks for their website...


21st May 2018

So yesterday we uploaded a blog on how you can get 200,000 people that will follow you back on Twitter. This is very handy if you are trying to drive more traffic towards your business, you never know who you could reach!


17th May 2018

We took the liberty of posting this quote to our Instagram to show just how important it is for managers to understand the hard work that gets put into their business every day!


16th May 2018

Yesterday we had the Work For Good team pop in for a great 3 hour meeting. This involved lots of coffee and drinks, whilst catching up with all the other important stuff!!


15th May 2018

Yesterday we had Judy from Life Clubs pop in for a social clinic to discuss their online presence and all their social media platforms! We had a fantastic chat and hope to do some great work going forward.


14th May 2018

Introducing Rosie and Eleanor. Rosie will be making sure Jon keeps on check with all his paperwork and emails, whilst Eleanor will be the social media freak around here keeping everything up to date!

2 Fantastic Social Clinics!

11th May 2018

Yesterday we had Heather from Sew At Heart come in for a great Social Clinic with Hannah to discuss online presence and social media, and Hannah also had a brilliant social clinic with Mark from Brighter Spaces UK. What a great way to end a long week!

Lorca's first day with Delivered Social...

10th May 2018

Forgetting the fact that we had a lot of work to do yesterday, Jon decided he was going to try out his drone for the first time.. Let's just say he's not the best drone controller out there! PS. Sorry to all the flowers and trees that had a drone fly into you!

Jon disappeared for another day and Rebecca Knott visited us!

9th May 2018

Yesterday Jon left the office to visit Wimbledon Women's Business Convention to talk about all things social media and online marketing! - Lots of fun! We also had the lovely Rebecca Knott in for a meeting with Hannah to discuss content creation for her new website! Exciting times ahead!

2 Fantastic Social Media Clinics!

8th May 2018

After the fantastic bank holiday weekend, we came back to 2 social clinics! Jon had a lovely time meeting with Barbara and her colleague Emma from Action for Carers, and Hannah had a great social clinic with Rob from InnatHome! What an amazing first day to come back to!

Social clinic with Curated Living

4th May 2018

Eleanor from Curated Living popped in for a social media clinic, where we brainstormed all the options to boost their social media and online presence. We had a lovely chat, and hope we helped!

We kicked Jon out of the office again!

3rd May 2018

We kicked Jon out of the office, so he could go and meet with Fiona and Danielle from TC Facilities Management to discuss all things social media!

Jon had a day out of the office!

2nd May 2018

Yesterday Jon had a day out of the office! He went into London to meet with Tony Coe from Saunders 1865! A VIP relocation company - Jon had to resist the urge to sign up there and then! We also had Laura from Laura Hiron's Photograohy come in to the office do a digital campaign set up with Hannah! Exciting times ahead!

Chocolate and work day!

1st May 2018

So yesterday Jon received a lovely gift of chocolates and decided to make a Jenga out of them! We had a lot to do yesterday so it was a head down, quiet day for us but these chocolates helped us through it of course!

Dragons and Frank!

30th April 2018

Yesterday was a busy day at Delivered Social. Not only did we meet the amazing Guildford Dragons we also had a visit from Frank (AKA the last man standing at our Christmas Client Party).

Visited Komo for a social media clinic

27th April

Jon and Hannah popped over to Komo, a snazzy cocktail bar in Guildford, to host an off-site social media clinic. It was great to work our digital magic in a new environment and share out top tips with a vibrant local business. Cheers for the coffees, gents!

Unleashed our seventh podcast episode

26th April

This week’s episode of The Delivered Social Podcast is all about our client visit to The Beauty Nest in Chobham. You can listen now on the podcasting app of your choice.

Two brilliant social media clinics

25th April

Jon had a social clinic with Sharon Humphries from Circle HR, and Hannah had a social clinic with an amazing herbalist named Caroline Galloway! It's always great to forge new business connections and spread the word about social media best practises.

Visited The Beauty Nest in Chobham

24th April

Hannah, Georgie and Ali popped over to Chobham to visit our good friend Natalie at her awesome salon, The Beauty Nest. Natalie is one of our newest clients, and it was lovely to see her in action! The girls loved their manicures, too.

Presenting new work to excited clients

23rd April

Mindy Coe (an amazing photographer) and Melissa Oldridge (a fantastic hair and makeup artist) both came in to check out the new websites we have built for them. It was so rewarding to see our hard work being appreciated and enjoyed!

Discover Your Town social media clinic

20th April

Amy from Discover Your Town popped in for a social media clinic to chat about her awesome project. It was great to brainstorm ideas about how the project could grow and reach more amazing towns.

Planning big things for the future

19th April

The future is looking bright for Delivered Social! On a lovely sunny day, we took a few hours to develop our own marketing plans and SEO strategy. We decamped to our local towards the end of our day, and polled our Instagram followers on their beverage of choice.

Catch up meetings

18th April

On a rare day without any social media clinics in the diary, Jon scheduled one-to-one meetings with the whole team to see how our professional development is coming along. It's great to take a breath from time to time and appreciate how every much everyone has grown!

Random Act Of Kindness Day

17th April

Today the team spread joy around Guildford town centre by dropping off free gifts to businesses of all sizes. It was great to get out of the office and meet some more local companies.

Social clinic with Food Assembly

16th April

Jane from Food Assembly popped in for a social clinic today, to chat about boosting the online reach of their 'digital farmer's market'. It was great to share ideas and start building an exciting future!

Two amazing social clinics!

13th April

Lauren from Bluebird Creative and Laura from Red Hot Yoga both came in for social media clinics today! It's awesome to know that we are reaching and helping so many amazing local businesses.

A bumper day of social clinics!

12th April

Mindy Coe Photography, Melissa Aldridge Hair & Makeup, and Guildford Beer Festival ALL came in today. We love brainstorming social media with new friends, and forging connections in the local community!

Recorded a podcast on offline marketing

11th April

Jon, Rob and Ali chat about offline marketing - from billboards to roundabouts - in episode five of The Delivered Social Podcast. Listen now on the podcast app of your choice!

Social clinic with 4C Prestige

10th April

Chris from 4C Prestige popped in for a social clinic to talk about the online presence of his various projects in the motoring world! We had a great chat, and hope to do some amazing work together going forward.

Social clinic with The Beauty Nest

9th April

Natalie from The Beauty Nest in Chobham popped by for a social media clinic, where we brainstormed ideas to boost her social media presence and online offering. We hope we helped!

Friday drinkies

6th April

Celebrating Ali's amazing first week, we closed up early and decamped to our local for a hard-earned glass of the good stuff. Talk about work perks!

A Rebecca Knott kind of day

5th April

We spent time working on a new website for the lovely Rebecca Knott and we can't wait for you to see the finished product - it's going to be a good one!

Guildford Web popped in

4th April

A great social clinic with a twist today - talking all things tech and web with Guildford web and discussions possible future collaborations.

Ali joined our team!

3rd April

Fresh back from the bank holiday weekend and we were very excited to welcome the lovely Ali to our team! She will be helping Jon keep on top of all his emails and running the DS office - we are excited to be working with her.

Released our fourth podcast episode

29th March

In The Delivered Social Podcast Episode 4, Jon, Hannah and Rob wade into the web design war to answer this big question: why is WordPress better than Wix? Listen now on your podcast app of choice.

Social Clinic with Guildford Job Clubs

28th March

Alan from Guildford Job Clubs popped in for a social clinic, and we had a great brainstorm on how to boost the online presence of his awesome project.

Recorded two new podcasts

27th March

In a bumper day of podcast recordings, we sat down and wagged our chins on two big topics. Watch this space!

Blogged about Google Local Guides

26th March

Jon published a brilliant blog about Google Local Guides, which is a great way to support local businesses in your area! Head over to our blog page to learn more.

Social clinic with Dr Sara Baraka

24th March

Dr Sara Baraka, an amazing dentist, popped in for a social clinic with Jon to discuss the online options for new business venture. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

Had another very special visitor!

23rd March

What a week this was! Rebecca Knott, the amazing blacksmith, popped in for a social clinic and brought Pip with her! Dogs are always welcome here.

Had a very special visitor!

22nd March

Charles from Galileo Photography brought in his highly energetic hound, Woody! We love dogs here at Delivered Social.

Published episode 2 of The Delivered Social Podcast

22nd March

Rob is getting quicker with his audio-editing! Episode 2 of The Delivered Social Podcast is all about client on-boarding, and how our new clients can make the process run smoothly. You can listen now on Soundcloud, iTunes or the podcast app of your choice.

Recorded podcast episode 2

21st March

Rob, Hannah and Jon gathered around our snazzy microphone to chew the fat about in our second recording session for The Delivered Social Podcast.

Social clinic with Farnham Assist

20th March

Farnham ASSIST is a wonderful charity that supports older people. It was great to brainstorm ways in which online marketing and social media could boost their reach.

Social clinic with Evolve

19th March

Mark from Evolve Body Transformation Bootcamps popped in for a social media clinic with our business develop champion, Hannah Chapman. A lovely little brainstorm was had, and we hope to work together in future!

Launched 'The Delivered Social Pocast'

16th March

Is Twitter engagement falling? Why is Instagram becoming more appealing? And will Twitter’s newest terms of service change the game for better or worse? You'll have to tune into our first ever podcast episode to find out! It's available now on iTunes, Soundcloud and all podcast apps.

Client visit to Slindon College

15th March

Jon popped down to Arundel to visit our clients from Slindon College. Jon did some web training for the staff and an online safety class for the pupils. He also enjoyed a school dinner!

Donated to Eagle Radio's Easter Egg campaign

14th March

We were so happy to donate these Easter Eggs to Eagle Radio's excellent campaign. The eggs will end up with underprivileged children, who otherwise may not have had any.

Website meeting with CakeDrop.london

13th March

Anna from CakeDrop knows that food is the way to our hearts! It was great to continue the development of her awesome new website, once we devoured these chocolatey treats!

Recorded our first podcast!

12th March

Jon and Rob gathered around the mic to record the first episode of The Delivered Social Podcast, waxing lyrical about Twitter's new terms of service. Watch this space!

Literary marketing meeting with Local Legend Books

9th March

Nigel Peace from Local Legend Books popped in to chat about literary marketing. It was a really fun brainstorm!

Property House social clinic

8th March

Harriet from Property House marketing popped in to chat about all things online and social. It would be amazing to work together going forward!

Sandiford Green social clinic

7th March

Katie and Jo (aka the Bond Girls) from Sandiford Green recruitment popped in for a social clinic. It was great to pick apart their online presence and brainstorm some big ways to improve it.

Meetings x 2

6th March

We spent most of the day in our snazzy screening room, pressing ahead on projects with our chums from Pat Kirby Coaching Services and Franus. Plentiful hot drinks were had!

Wrote some blogs!

5th March

Making the most of a rare day off from social clinics and client meetings, we wrote and uploaded a bunch of new blogs! Our new content includes Jon talking about business mentoring, Georgie recapping her madcap first week, and a guest post from Shelley about social itches that you don't want to scratch in public. Happy reading!

Took Jasmine for a drink

2nd March

Having finalised the new website for Jasmine Andrews' wedding photography business, we popped out for some wine to celebrate the occasion!

Admired the snow

1st March

The Beast Of The East hit Guildford pretty hard! Most of us managed to make it into the office on March 1st, but it was pretty chilly when we needed to pop out!!

Launched a new site!

1st March

After lots of hard work, we completed and launched the new website for Brookwood & Normandy Dog Training: brookwoodnormandydogtraining.co.uk

Joined Vero

1st March

Vero is getting a lot of hype this week, and it's taking the App Store by storm! We couldn't resist signing up, trying out this new social media app, and swiftly writing a blog about it. Come and follow us if you're on Vero too!

A brilliant brace of client meetings

28th February

Jason from PhoenixSoft.systems popped in for a catch-up, as did Marek and Melissa from MareksFitness.com - it was great to see everyone!

Farnborough FC social clinic

27th February

Dom from Farnborough Football Club came in for a social clinic. It was interesting to learn about the team's social media tactics, and to offer some top tips on how to improve their online form!

CakeDrop website development

26th February

Anna from Cake Drop visited the new offices to go over final amendments to her new website! Have to say this really is one we're proud of - can't wait to see it live.

Pat Kirby meeting

23rd February

Our client Pat, of Pat Kirby Coaching Services, popped in for a meeting about Google Adwords - and all sorts of other stuff! This meeting involved a lot of tea.

We went boxing!

22nd Feb 2018

Our clients from Marek's Fitness invited us to check out one of their boxing classes! Hannah, Rob and Jon went along to a session in Guildford and absolutely loved it. Marek creates a really friendly atmosphere, and we felt incredibly welcome and encouraged.

Client catch-ups

22nd Feb 2018

Daryl from Women's Total Fitness Club and Jasmine from Jasmine Andrews Photography both came in to catch up with us about their websites. It's always great to have a busy office!

Chad San social clinic

21st Feb 2018

The accounting firm Chaddesley Sanford are our new office neighbours. Their marketing manager Vera popped in for a chat about all things digital. Great meeting!

There Ought To Be Clowns social clinic

21st Feb 2018

Ian, the writer behind the amazing theatre blog There Ought To Be Clowns, popped in for a nice long chat about his website and social media presence. We hope to work with him in future!

Manuka Honey social clinic

20th Feb 2018

Terry from ManukaHoney.co.uk came in for a social clinic, looking for ways to maximise his company's reach on social media. This was the first social clinic in our brand new screening room!

Moved to Castle House

19th Feb 2018

What a day! We moved from one side of Guildford to the other, before totally redecorating our new digs at Castle House. We can't wait to show off our snazzy new office and screening room to clients old and new.

Two social clinics in one!

16th Feb 2018

Blue Deer Design and Laura Hirons Photography came in together to chat about their online presence and social media output. It was a great exchange of ideas. We really loved Blue Deer's Henry VIII beer can designs!

Social Clinic with Stage Coach

15th Feb 2018

Emma from Stagecoach Performing Arts popped along for a social clinic with Jon. It was great to chat about the online possibilities for this awesome business.

Lots of client meetings!

15th Feb 2018

Mel from Marek's Fitness, Jasmine from Jasmine Andrews Photography and Glenn from Fusion 4 Health (pictured) all popped in on this fantastic Thursday. It's always ace to see so many happy faces in the office!

CakeDrop development meeting

14th Feb 2018

Anna from CakeDrop popped in for the afternoon. We worked together to build pages for her new site, including a dedicated section for her exciting new 'CakeClub' campaign.

Eagle Radio Valentines Day shout-out

14th Feb 2018

Rob and Jon spent a bromantic lunch alone on Valentines Day. Jon wrote into Eagle Radio about it, and we got a mention on-air!

Launched our £5,000 competition

13th Feb 2018

Would you like to supercharge your business? We're offering one lucky company the chance to win a year FREE of our services. For a chance to win this £5000 marketing package, head over to our Facebook page for more details!

Met up with Purely Events

13th Feb 2018

Purely Events popped in to look at their new website, which we've been working away on! Watch this space, folks.

Met the mayor

13th Feb 2018

After picking up our prizes for the Pancake Day race, we shook hands and took a pic with Guildford's mayor, Nigel Manning. We felt a bit silly in our track gear!

Flipped pancakes for charity

13th Feb 2018

It was an honour to take place in Guildford's annual charity Pancake Day relay race, up and down the high street with frying pans in hand! Tragically, we were pipped to the post by our neighbours from Waitrose. Second place for us!

Social clinic with Vantage Point

13th Feb 2018

Stefan from Vantage Point Magazine popped in for a social clinic with Hannah. It was great to share ideas about the mag's online output, and how we could help with it!

Held a social clinic with Local Legend

12th Feb 2018

Local Legend is a great publishing company, which specialises in eBooks and paperbacks. We loved chatting about their website and social media feeds, offering some free advice on how they could improve their online output.

Held a social clinic with Charlotte from Reve Pavillion

8th Feb 2018

Hannah met with Charlotte to chat about the social media presence for Reve Pavillion Osteopathy and Natural Health clinic. It was a great meeting!

Had a second meeting with Jasmine Andrews

8th Feb 2018

Jasmine is an amazing wedding photographer. It was awesome to sit down and talk about her upcoming new website. Sweet treats from CakeDrop made the meeting even better.

Chatted social with Plug & Play

8th Feb 2018

It's always ace to meet other digital marketing professionals. We had an excellent meeting about social media and web design with Krystyna from Plug & Play.

Enjoyed an epic cake-filled photoshoot

7th Feb 2018

Anna from CakeDrop.london brought in ten mouth-watering cakes, which we snapped extensively for usage on social media. After that, we ate a lot!

Met Clapham Publishing For A Social Clinic

6th Feb 2018

Good coffee, fun chats and people eager to learn - a great time had by all.

Experienced Star Wars in Virtual Reality

6th Feb 2018

Between meetings in London, Jon and Rob dashed over to Westfield to face Darth Vader and shoot Stormtroopers in VR form - amazing stuff!

Conducted Apex IT's Social Clinic

6th Feb 2018

These guys know their stuff AND have a fantastic approach to customer service. Our social clinic focused on web development and how to inject personality into their online brand.

Welcomed Drain Doctor as a new client

1st Feb 2018

Working with one of the funkiest plumbing brands out there really got the team thinking about ways to advertise local business and deliver a marketing campaign that was unlike anything we'd done before.

You’ve seen what we did yesterday, so why not give us a call and set up a meeting for tomorrow?

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