Which Social Network?

Finding the right platforms for your business

Knowing where to start with social media can be a daunting prospect for new & established business’. ‘Which network should I be on?’ & ‘How do I increase followers?’ are just some of the questions we get asked on a daily basis. So we’ve put together this little guide to give you an idea of where you should be focusing your efforts.


Who?: Absolutely everyone.

What?: Variety is the spice of life & the key to an engaging Facebook feed. Eye-catching imagery, videos, events, blog links are all great. Over the past few years Facebook has become more & more visual so your content needs to be good enough to stop people from scrolling past.

Post: Once a day is sufficient – you don’t want to be seen as over-sharing.

Pro’s: Easy way of reaching a huge audience. The advertising opportunities are endless, from paid ads to local community groups, business’ can’t afford not to be on this platform.

Con’s: Facebook is definitely a consumer focused network. If you’re looking to make more professional connections (e.g. if you’re in recruitment) then LinkedIn is where you need to be.

Facebook is the most used network & hence it’s at the top of our list. It’s a brilliant way of growing your brand awareness and marketing your services, which can ultimately direct people to your website or business. The key to remember is that Facebook is not just for advertising, it’s to engage and interact too. Your feed needs to be so visually interesting and varied that people WANT to follow you to keep up to date with the page.


Who?: Interior designers, personal trainers, travel companies, hotels, photographers – anything that photographs well! If you have a store of striking imagery or short videos then Instagram is definitely something to explore.

What?: Images, quotes, short videos

Post: Once/Twice per day, plus update your story (shows for 24hours) when your doing something interesting.

Pros: Instagram is a photograph album of your business. It can look AMAZING & you can build a strong following very quickly if your content is consistently of a high standard.

Cons: There a two issues with Instagram as it currently stands. Firstly you can’t schedule posts ahead of time, so you have to manually log in to post each day. Second, you can’t put a clickable link in each individual post that you share. (However you can put one link in your bio at the top of the page.)

Instagram is definitely like marmite – users either love it or hate it. BUT if you have a business that can create stunning visual imagery then this network can work wonders. Consistency is key, hashtags are vital & engaging with other users will help boost your own following. Instagram is fast catching up with Facebook as a must use network.


Who?: Fast growing (hence its place in our top 3 networks) – every business should certainly consider this.

What?: Text only messages are fine, but photos and GIFS are also great Twitter content.

Post: By far the network to post most frequently to -we’d recommend at least once a day (ideally 3 times!)

Pros: Current, fast paced and another free marketing tool.

Cons: If you’re not an avid social media user the thought of posting multiple times a day can be daunting. Fear not – we can help with that.

Having a Twitter presence is no bad thing, but making that presence work for your business will take some work. You need to be committed to posting consistent content that followers will find engaging. Twitter is also a seriously fast paced network and is a hub for online news stories. If it’s trending on Twitter then its a big deal. This also means your tweets will disappear pretty quickly, hence the need for frequent posting.


Who?: The network for professionals. Whether you’re a recruiter or a graduate looking for your first role this is the place you need to be. It really is the home of business to business (B2B) connection.

What?: Jobs, candidates, professional groups/services

Post: Every week day (5 times/week)

Pros: A great way to connect and communicate with other business’ in the same industry or business owners.

Cons: Unless you’re a recruiter this isn’t necessarily a network that will generate you sales like Facebook or Instagram might. However, it is growing in importance and gives a real professional edge to your profile.

Treat this network as the most formal & professional. Creating a respectable and authoritative account can lead to fantastic connections for your business or an individual. Many people now find or recruit through this network, so always put your best foot forward.


Who?: A visual network much like instagram. Definitely one for interior designers/photographers – essentially anyone with a wealth of imagery.

What?: Photos and blogs/tips for followers. Pinterest boards are where people can stash folders of inspiration for ‘Home’ or ‘Wedding’ etc.

Post: Frequency isn’t an issue in the same way as other networks – but as with anything the more you pinboards you create the more this network can do for you.

Pros: A fun and interactive way to display your brand – pinterest allows you to show off your best imagery & attract the interest of others.

Cons: This network probably isn’t going to generate sales in vast quantities BUT it is still another string to your bow. If your board looks good there’s always a chance someone may come across it and convert into a customer.

Certainly a network that is more important to certain business’ over others. It’s something to consider if you have a strong social media presence and want to explore avenues that could strengthen that.


Who?: A micro-blogging platform that is often underestimated. It’s the Twitter of the blogging world. Anyone wanting to promote a visual brand or new product should definitely consider investing a little time into Tumblr.

What?: Blogs & strong visual content 

Post: Once a day would be ideal & a couple of blogs a week should be the goal

Pros: A great place to experiment with new content and boost your blogging skills.

Cons: It’s not likely to boost B2C sales but the focus is on building your brand and blogging your way into people feeds.

Tumblr is probably one of the smaller networks and while it doesn’t have the reach of Facebook, it is a bloggers heaven. It also means there’s a real opportunity to create a strong profile before the network becomes saturated with other brands in the same field so get blogging!

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