Meet Cheryl from Bode Interiors

“We had lost direction on how to achieve a good online presence. Then we were invited to a social media clinic.”

When we arrived for the meeting in Guildford, Jonathan and Hannah sat us down and told us what Delivered Social could do for us. We were blown away by their big ideas and impressive range of services.

There was a great atmosphere in the social clinic, and we learned so much about the online world.

When we left the social clinic, we were so energised by all the exciting ideas we’d been given. And then, just over a week later, we had a fantastic new website presented to us, which we are delighted with!

They have also taken over the running of our social media – such a relief! Not having to worry about posting updates ourselves has freed up so much or our time.

Delivered Social are a dynamic, professional, fun team who really know what they are doing – we highly recommend them!

Also, we have received top-notch customer service from the Delivered Social team. Our emails are always answered promptly, and the team are always at hand to deal with any queries we have had.

If you would like Delivered Social to help your business develop online, get in touch today…