About Us.

Meet the Delivered Social team and learn what we're all about

Are We Any Good?

We’re famous in Guildford for our social clinics. Our screening room is always packed full of people just like you who want to learn about social media – and we’ve got popcorn – and our Social Clinics are FREE. Book in today.

Free Advice

Sometimes it’s OK to admit we don’t know everything… We learn with our clients and build relationships that last. We’re proud of every single client we have.

Light Bulb Moments

We’re true out of the box thinkings… infact we’ve not got a clue where the box is?

Our Philosophy

Meet Jon – our Head Honcho

Jon built Delivered Social to be a ‘true’ marketing agency for businesses that think they can’t afford one. A dedicated marketer, international speaker and proven business owner – Jon’s a fountain of knowledge – after he’s had a cup of coffee that is.

If you’d like to work with a company where size does not matter then Delivered Social is the marketing agency for you.


Sometimes you just need to talk…

Our clients love popping in, so often it’s hard to get rid of them sometimes (we love you all really). During our social clinics, we tell every single client that they can ask us anything – and we’ll always do what we can to help. In the last month (whilst writing this) we’ve cobbled together an ad hoc photoshoot, a billboard campaign and made a charity website all for people who just needed a hand.

So what would you like to brainstorm – whats happening in your business?

Creative Process

Coffee, strategy and a lot of laughter…

…is normally the start of our creative process. Dependent on the project depends on who handles you but we can assure you everyone in the office will be talking about you!

Does that unsettle you? Don’t let it – our team are proud to work with every single client and we all want to know everything about you.


Or you can also stay up to date with all the latest news from social media, email marketing, web design and more by checking out our blog and saying hi on social media.


Company director, web guru and a massive Star Trek fan. Jon is always ‘in a meeting’ when the latest Trek comes out.


Bringing down the shelves literally in the office every single day (and delivering a little social media magic)…


Puts the V into Vegan and literally makes the team laugh all day long. A dedicated marketer who’ll do anything for her clients… Some say she’s got beautiful eyes.


From design to web – Dan is our official data geek who loves adding code to create peoples dreams. Never say’s no to a pint.