Abound and Flourish

Client: Abound and Flourish

Year: 2021

Sector: Charity

Website: aboundandflourish.co.uk

What we did: Website re-design and build


More page views


Increased engagement rates

Who are Abound And Flourish?

Abound & Flourish are working to encourage a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle in everyone they can reach. By bringing their scientific backgrounds into the work they do, they hope to develop a like-minded community where they can show people ways of living better. In an effort to do so, they offer courses and lessons in which they provide people in the local area useful information and advice as to how they can change the ways they do certain things to benefit the world.

How we helped Abound And Flourish

Nature and sustainability are what Abound & Flourish are about. To reflect this on their website, we stuck to earthy colours and made sure to use plenty of images depicting their mission and values. With plenty of interactive elements, the site is now suited for those who want to learn more and get involved with the charity’s work. After all, it’s about getting your hands dirty and stuck in!