Horsham Gingerbread

Client: Horsham Gingerbread

Year: 2020

Sector: Online Retail

Website: horshamgingerbread.co.uk

What we did: E-commerce website Re-design and build


Increased Organic Traffic


Growth Year on Year

Who are Horsham Gingerbread?

Founded by Lesley Ward in 2013 the Horsham Gingerbread Bakehouse produces distinctively delicious gingerbreads and gluten-free biscuits. Baked in small batches at a family bakery near Chichester in West Sussex, all of the gingerbreads and biscuits are made with the finest natural and locally sourced ingredients.

Horsham Gingerbread Bakehouse Website

How we helped Horsham Gingerbread

We designed a distinctive website to match their fantastic products. This revamp of their website incorporates the bakery’s history at its core, whilst showcasing all of the products (for the first time ever online fully) that they provide, with a keen emphasis on their gluten-free range.