Working with us is Working for Good

We’re part of the #WorkForGood Movement

By partnering with Delivered Social you’ll know you are working with a company that is a force for good. Every single day we’re doing something to make the world a slightly better place. It’s in our DNA.



If you come into one of our free social media clinics at Delivered social we’ll donate £1 every single time.  If you Sign up to Work for Good at the same time we’ll double our donation.



Since June 18 we’ve been donating 5% of our turnover every single month. Our clients get to decide from a few charities where our donations go.



We’re working with other marketers to build THE BIGGEST PAGE OF MARKETING TIPS ON THE INTERNET EVER – and we donate £1 for every tip we get.


Rupert Pick’s daughter, Ottie, was born 10 weeks premature, weighed less than 3lbs and had two very rare genetic conditions affecting her bones and heart.

Evelina London Children’s Hospital took amazing care of Ottie and Rupert wanted to give back. He decided to donate the fees from his very next workshop and made a difference.

Soon after Rupert started to wonder what would happen if more businesses gave back and Work for Good was born…

Delivered Social wanted to get involved.

#WorkingForGood is in our core

Jonathan Bird, Managing Director of Delivered Social firmly believes in giving back. Having lost a son who was stillborn he’s always looked for ways to #WorkForGood.

Work for Good state “Lots of businesses want to give to good causes. But as everyday pressures take over, good intentions fall by the wayside.” and Jonathan couldn’t agree more.

“Over the years we’ve tried our very best to give back. Despite our good intentions workloads sometimes gets in the way. Partnering with Work for Good means we can do more by doing what we do well as a company.”

You can read Jonathan’s story over on Huffington Post.


In loving memory of John-Ian Bird, Patricia Quickfall & Susan Elizabeth Pace – people who have inspired us to do a little better every single day.