Spruce Up Your Visual Marketing

Four Easy Ways…

Have you noticed the increase of videos in your news feed whether that’s through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc? While there’s no doubt a moving image catches the eye far better than most still images, how do you stay ahead of the pack when it seems like every man and his dog are suddenly posting videos? (Although there are never enough dog videos IMHO)

1. Use Humour

Everyone likes being made to laugh or at least smile – especially if you’re having a hard day at work or life’s feeling slightly unfair. Of course, keeping the content in line with your brand image and ensuring it remains professional most of the time is important – but a little light-hearted humour never hurts!

2. Interaction

Don’t let them just scroll on by… Make your posts interactive! Get your followers involved – from quizzes to competitions, or even just a simple opinion poll (which can provide you with useful information as a marketer) interactive posts are far more exciting than a standard post. Making your posts interactive can also be a good way to break down complex elements of your brand into smaller more user-friendly chunks. Either way, being engaging and interesting is ultimately going to do wonders for your brand.

3. Visual Aid

A visual element should aid the textual. You wouldn’t describe a dog and then post a picture of a giraffe (or maybe you would but that would be slightly odd) because the two are irrelevant. A visual element should link to the text in a way that is complementary and logically sounds to the user.

4. Always have a Call to Action – So your visual content is catching a wider audience, but are you making the most of this opportunity? Adding a call to action to good visual marketing is the final keystone to getting more users onto your page and hopefully turning them into customers rather than followers. A CTA is that final nudge, creating a sense of urgency that, if used consistently, never fails to increase traffic.