Shifa Network

Client: Shifa Network

Year: 2021

Sector: Charity and Wellbeing


What we did: Website re-design and build


Increased engagement rates


Reduced page load time

Who are Shifa Network?

Shifa Network is an Asian women’s network based in Woking, just down the road from us here in Guildford. The network’s programmes focus on Asian women’s wellbeing and help them lead an independent life and improve their quality of life. They support women suffering from mild to moderate mental and emotional health issues, as well as immigrant women suffering from domestic abuse and social isolation, providing essential support to overcome difficult situations. They have a range of programmes and classes, such as English classes, sewing, driving theory lessons, and health and wellbeing. They needed a new site to showcase all of this, and we were more than happy to oblige!

Shifa event

How we helped Shifa Network

This site needed to be clearly laid out but also have a friendly and welcoming feel. We did this by creating a site that uses lots of bright colours and icons to separate the different elements and make sure that site browsers can find what they’re looking for with ease. As Shifa Network focuses on supporting Asian women in their community, we used fonts and colours that are reminiscent of traditional Asian elements. Overall, it was a pleasure to build this site completely free of charge through Delivered Social Green.