If there’s one thing that the internet loves, its cute pictures and videos of animals! Basically everywhere you turn on social media, there will be an adorable animal with more likes, comments, and shares than you could ever hope to achieve. The internet’s obsession with animals has even led to some furry celebrities, like Nala Cat, Doug the Pug, and even Juniper the fox. These animals have amassed huge followings, some even in their millions, on social media platforms such as Instagram. And how did they get so famous? Well, by simply posting those pictures and videos that we all adore.

It’s no secret that everyone thinks their cats and dogs are the cutest on the planet. So, you may be thinking that your own furry friend could give some of those famous animals a run for their money. But how can you help them become an internet sensation? As with any social media post, hashtags are very important! They help your posts reach the right audiences that are interested in the niche that you’re posting about. This works for anything, from interior decorating, fashion, travel, and indeed animals!

But, the problem with hashtags is that it can be hard to know which ones are the best to use, to help you get more likes, comments, and follows. In this article, we’ve put together 11 animals hashtags to help you and your cats and dogs get a taste of internet fame!

1. Keep it simple with #animals

If you’re posting any cute animal pictures, no matter what animal it is, you can’t forget the #animals hashtag! This might seem really basic and easy, but it’s a hashtag with a lot of viewers and so, a huge potential audience for your photo! You’ll be able to reach people the world over who might just fall in love with your pet and give you a follow.

2. Got a cat? You need to be using #cats_of_instagram

One of the best ways to get your pet Instagram famous is by getting them featured on dedicated accounts. Cats of Instagram is a hugely popular Instagram account, with 11.6 MILLION followers at the time of writing. They simply exist to share pictures of really cute felines! And, if your picture is featured, you’re sure to get thousands of likes and probably a load of followers as well. So, make sure you use this hashtag on all of your kitty pictures to give you a chance of being featured on their page.

3. #Kittens is always a winner when it comes to animals hashtags

If there’s one thing the internet loves more than animals in general, it’s baby animals! So, if you have a really cute kitten, don’t forget to shout about it with this hashtag. Baby animals always tend to draw in the likes, so make the most of it while you still can- we’re sure your kitten can find some fans out there!

4. But don’t forget #puppies!

A similar thing goes for puppies. People love to see really adorable puppy pictures. So, always make sure you include the #puppies hashtag to find the audience that is interested in your niche!

5. #weeklyfluff targets Instagram’s own page

As we mentioned before, getting your pet featured on another, larger, Instagram page is the number one way to help your account grow. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get them featured on Instagram’s very own page, with a grand total of 363 million followers at the time of writing? Their very own hashtag, #weeklyfluff, is used by the company to select one very lucky animal to be featured each week. Don’t forget it if you want your pet to have a chance of featuring! Weekly fluff photos and videos often get up to a million likes, so this is a potential opportunity you really don’t want to miss out on.


6. Make sure your photo is #cute

Now, it goes without saying that all photos of cats and dogs are cute. So, don’t forget to let the world know with #cute! While this doesn’t technically come under the umbrella of animals hashtags, it’s frequently used on animal photos. People searching for or following this tag are sure to appreciate seeing your adorable pet!

7. Target different languages to widen your reach

While we’re mainly focusing on English hashtags in this article, you may also want to consider widening your potential reach by using popular hashtags in other languages too. For example, you could use #Gato on a picture of your cat. After all, people in different countries who speak a variety of languages will be searching for cute animal pictures- their appeal is universal! So why not try it out and see how many fans your pet can get abroad?

8. Focus in on your pet’s breed

What breed is your pet? Whatever they are, there’s sure to be a loyal following out there who just LOVE that breed! So, make sure to include a few hashtags on all of your posts that point to it. For example, if you had a French Bulldog, you could use #frenchies, #frenchiesofinstagram, and so on! This may be a little trickier to do with our feline friends, as they’re more likely to be a whole mix of breeds! So, you could use tags like #blackcats, #gingercats, or #whitecats!

9. Advocate for rescuing cats and dogs!

Do you have a rescue animal? If so, you should know that there is a huge community out there on social media that advocates for rescuing animals. So, using hashtags like #rescue, #rescuecat, #rescuedog, and #adoptdontshop are sure to be popular on pics of your rescue! It’s not just the fanciest animals that can amass a big following- any animal can have their chance! Also, what better to do than advocate for others to rescue animals by sharing pics of your cute rescue pet?

10. Create your own hashtag!

Many of the bigger pet accounts have their own animals hashtags that they use on their photos. But, even if your pet hasn’t quite gone viral yet, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a unique hashtag to use on all of their photos! It will categorise all their pics so their fans can see everything. And, you could encourage your followers to share their own photos using the hashtag to help it grow! Or, why not feature other pets and their photos, which owners can submit using the hashtag? There really are a lot of possibilities here! We’d suggest using your pet’s name or username as the hashtag, but check it first. This is to make sure there’s not already someone using the hashtag for the same reason, and that it’s not already inundated with posts, as this will defeat the point!

11. Do your own research into your niche

You know by now that you want to try and get your cats and dogs featured on other animal’s accounts in order to really grow! So, for our final point, we suggest that you get on social media and do your own research! What animal accounts are out there that you could strike up a relationship with? There are plenty out there that are sure to have their own hashtag they use to feature other pets, and you may have a better chance if you’re making friends with them! Also, don’t be put off if their account doesn’t have a huge amount of followers yet. Any exposure is better than none, and you never know who might follow you off the back of a feature!

Basket of kittens

So there we have it- 11 ideas for animals hashtags that are sure to bring your cat or dog some extra likes or follows! Do you have any more ideas for hashtags that are popular? What about ones that have brought you and your pet success online? Why not share them in the comments, we’d love to hear about them!