The statistics for Podcast listeners are going up a small amount each year. 56% are male and 44% are female. Why not consider recording one for your business – it’s another digital asset and great for the following reasons…

Getting your business out there

Who wouldn’t want to use as many social media platforms as possible when it comes to driving engagement to your business? What if you had someone who doesn’t use social media but listens to Podcasts? This is why it’s so important to try everything possible to represent your business and what it is! It’s good for your business because you can discuss a topic that may help your customers!  On many social media platforms, people don’t want to be scrolling through a feed for ages trying to read one post – this is why Podcasts are great for explaining things in a more detailed way – especially good for people that are interested in your business.

On The Air

It’s verbal content and a detailed way of explaining things

A Podcast is all verbal, so there is no written communication involved. They’re accessible via mobile – this way people listen to them anywhere and any time. Apple also has a podcast store so you can just download them whenever. Successful business people encourage people to listen and learn from other businesses’. Some people enjoy listening to Podcasts due to the fact of them being so simple – just choose what you want to listen to and you’re away!  At the end of the day, you can say whatever you want when recording a Podcast because you can edit them to how you want. You can edit things out, change the volume of people’s voices if it’s too low or loud. A lot of people find talking about something easier than writing about them, maybe you should consider trying it? Tips and could boost your business e.g. how to write a blog – and you can answer FAQ and explain them in depth rather than replying to everyone individually! A great tip for making a good Podcast is to write down a topic you want to talk about and a few bullet points about this topic – then pretend there isn’t a microphone in the room and just have a conversation talking about whatever topic you have chosen.

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Simple to create

All you need to record a podcast is a microphone for the audio. A high-quality microphone results in making your Podcast sound a lot better. A software program that can edit your Podcast is important to produce a good quality Podcast. This is more affordable as normally on a computer already has a downloaded free editing system on it.