Using To Doist In Your Business

Three Reasons Why Using It Can Improve Efficiency

I think it’s fair to say most employees begin the day with good intentions, aiming to achieve a number of things they need ‘to-do’ in their head, but then life takes over and the day runs away from you. Suddenly it’s 4pm and you’re seriously struggling to cram those jobs in, or you’ve completely forgotten about those three things you made a mental note to do this morning… (Yep hands up this is pretty much me… most days) BUT we have recently found a system that’s changing and seriously improving our efficiency as a team. It’s called To-Do Ist and these 3 reasons are why you should consider using it…

  1. Organisation

Ok, so for a start, simply having a list of all of you to-do’s is seriously helpful. Little jobs you may otherwise forget should be added to the list immediately. That way they won’t get forgotten and you have a reminder to get it done at some point in the near future. Lists are simple, but they really do work. So why else should you invest in this seemingly simple software?

  1. Accountability

I think it’s fair to say this has been the biggest game-changer for us as a team. One of the great features of to-doist is that whilst you have a single account everyone logs in to, each staff member can have their own personal list of tasks that have been assigned to them. This way everyone can see and knows what jobs they’re expected to complete, and management can easily assign new tasks to staff members.

  1. Deadlines

Ahh my favourite thing. To-DoIst allows you to set deadlines for when a task is expected to be completed, so this can really help you prioritize tasks that need urgent attention. Furthermore, it allows management to keep an eye on how everyone’s doing throughout and at the end of the day. It’s also easy to see which tasks haven’t been completed and whom they were assigned too. Of course, this may mean someone needs a hand with their workload or even that their to-do ist perhaps needs reviewing. Regardless, it’s essential that if crucial tasks aren’t being done, we know why & figure out a way to ensure they get checked off the list.

To-DoIst is definitely one of those softwares where you get out what you put in! If you don’t use it consistently it will fast become one of those apps you fail to open at all. However, if you really push to invest some time to utilise it daily and hold yourself accountable for achieving the tasks you set out to, then this really could be a game-changer.