3 Reasons why RAK day is important for your business

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Reasons Why RAK Day Is Important For Your Business

RAK day stands for Random Act of Kindness! On this day your business goes into your town/ village etc. and hands out free gifts to your local stores and to people passing by. It’s a nice gesture and puts a smile on to people’s faces. What could possibly be better? Here are three reasons why RAK days are awesome…

1. It gets you out of the office for the day

Who doesn’t love having a day out of the office? It gives you some time to “bond” with your fellow colleagues, and just genuinely have some fun. Sometimes it can get a bit repetitive being in the same room every day. It can eventually start doing your head in! You might even discover shops that you haven’t seen before!

Random Acts of Kindness can make someone’s day!

2. It’s a kind gesture for your community

RAK day is giving out free presents to the community. Wouldn’t you feel pleased if someone handed you a free gift? It definitely would make my day. Putting a smile on someone’s face has always made me happy. It is a nice thought when people think of others.

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3. It shows off your business

Your business will be seen as a kind and helpful company whilst you’re going around town introducing yourself to people and then handing them a free gift. Some people may even be genuinely interested as to what you do, and if they are, you might have just landed yourself that extra client! Even better news!

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