3 things every boss should do to engage their team

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Things every boss should do to engage their team

Keeping a workforce engaged doesn’t have to be life’s biggest challenge. Let’s take a look at the 3 things bosses should do to engage their teams:

Offer mentorship and deliver feedback

Managers should always be open to questions and encourage 1-to-1 discussions with each member of the team. They can see if there are any problems needing to be resolved or if a team member needs reassurance with a piece of work they are doing. This makes life easier for both of you as you have an honest relationship with any problems that are occurring. Doing 1-to-1’s allows you and a team member to sit down and discuss work/projects etc. It’s a great feeling when you receive nice feedback from your boss. And, it’s nice to know when you have accomplished something for the company whether big or small.

things every boss should do to engage their team

How do you motivate your team as a boss?

Give your team exciting challenges

Challenges seem scary at first, but they are great for motivating you when you feel like you’re doing the same boring job each day! Handing out goals to your team allows them to learn and progress. It allows them to learn how to solve the simplest problems on their own and see if they can find a way around it. Giving out challenges allows your team to work together as a group or as an individual to see what works best for the business! This also allows each member of your team to develop more skills in a growing company! Skills they thought they could never have! Do you want to cross the finish line? Then encourage your team to meet their deadlines and they will get there in no time!

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Rewarding good work

Who doesn’t enjoy showing their skills off? Being rewarded for any piece of work is a great feeling! It helps your team to develop potential skills and realise what a great position they are in. Knowing that you have spent about a week on a project or even longer, and you have just been told by your boss that you are doing an absolutely great job is such a nice feeling!  I think some bosses don’t appreciate the amount of hard work that their team put in every day. Don’t forget they still work 5 days a week, every day, every month…

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