Ways To Celebrate Company Birthdays

We’ve come up with 33 ways…

So, another year has passed and your company is just a little older. Maybe it’s your MD’s birthday or a special anniversary. No matter which, it’s the perfect opportunity to have a little fun, reflect on what’s great about your business and share that with your audience. As a marketer, you probably have a master plan already on how to use this day for exactly that, promoting your business. Well, we’ve given it some thought also. Welcome to our epic list of 33 ways to celebrate company birthdays.

33 Ways to Celebrate Company Birthdays – The definitive list

    1. Firstly, we’re huge lovers of RAK Days (Random Acts of Kindness before you get too excited!). Ever since we’ve launched we’ve held as many RAK Days as we possibly could. First of all, we head out first thing in the morning and post a little ‘code’ through peoples doors which invites them to enter their four-digit code on our Facebook page. As a result, when they arrive at work the first thing they do is enter our code. We thank them and finally, pop back to the work with a little gift such as a pack of biscuits, a coffee run or even pizza for the team. Check out some of the pictures from our last RAK day right here.
    2. Record a Birthday video message from the whole team. A video is a powerful way to say thank you and engagement levels are through the roof.
    3. Email your clients a personal thank you. After all its, because of them, you are in business.
    4. Have a contest on social media. Get people excited about your companies birthday. Make it easy for lots of people to participate.
    5. Serve your building breakfast. Open extra early for a special party.
    6. Seems like the best way to celebrate your company birthdays is to eat lots of cake. Everyone loves cake! Invite customers in for a slice. Also if you’ve got a busy reception why not have a cake that you give to people all day long when they turn up to visit people. Don’t like cake? How about branded chocolates instead?

      Avoid those cupcakes. Too predictable. You can do better with one of our 33 ways to celebrate company birthdays.

    7. Reviews are key to business results. Seems like getting reviews from customers can be hard sometimes. Use your birthday as a way to ask them, in return for a treat (maybe some of that cake mentioned in point 6).
    8. Make a donation. Gift a donation to your company’s charity of choice and publicise it.
    9. Launch a new website. Yep – nuts right? But why not have a special birthday website where your clients could come along and take action to win a product. A great example of this is Neil Patel’s spin the wheel. As a result of placing this on his website, he’s generating leads all day long every day!
    10. Hold a special event. Depending on your business, this could be a networking meeting or workshop to gather people at your office. If you run courses (like we do at Delivered Social) why not donate all the proceeds made from that day to a cause for something a little extra?
    11. One word – Balloons! First of all, everyone loves balloons. AJ’s Balloons has made it their mission to do weird and wonderful things with balloons and for a little inspiration why don’t you check out some of their air-filled ideas.
    12. Email your subscribers something useful. Not only is it a reason to communicate with your mailing list it’s a great opportunity to re-engage with clients.
    13. Send a coupon. You don’t need physical premises for this to work. Text messages also work, so why not send an offer using this method.
    14. Pick up the phone and call prospects to discuss your special birthday offer. Sure, this is an old fashioned tactic but we guarantee you with a sense of urgency you’ll land some sales.
    15. Share the news. Create a blog post or a digital birthday card and post everywhere you can. Be proud of your milestone.
    16. One of the best ways to celebrate company birthdays is to have a sale. Everyone loves a sale!
    17. Give a product away for free. Why not post on social media that you are giving away a subscription/service to someone who engages with that post.
    18. Make customers an irresistible offer via social media. Think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more – they’ve all got different audiences. Use them.
    19. Setup a photo board. If your company is four years old, ask your team for pictures of when they were four and create a graphic. Want to take this to the next level? When working on your website, why not change your team page to those pictures for one day only?
    20. Give customers a promotional gift. Make sure it’s something useful, and, as a result, your customers will hang onto it.
    21. Send customers a gift card. The goal is to entice them to shop with you. If you don’t use gift cards then consider sending some coffee vouchers to your key customers.
    22. Run a Facebook Birthday Ad campaign to promote your birthday and offer. Target those connected to your brand for maximum impact.
    23. Create a full day event around your expertise. If you are a photographer why not host a free photography session.
    24. Maybe donate your skills to a community project for the day. Love this idea and want more inspiration? Check out CMPP.
    25. Ask your clients when their birthday is and get some cards ready to send. It’s a great way of staying connected and making people feel just a little special.
    26. Create a fun press release. Talk about your history and successes, maybe include a special offer.
    27. Have a special ‘client-led’ raffle. Ask your clients to donate their services to other clients. It’s a fantastic way of ensuring that your clients all know one another before the awkward Christmas party.
    28. Celebrate your company birthdays with others – take your clients for an after-work drink. In fact, why not invite the whole town for a drink after work (yep, we’ve done that…).
    29. Do a special birthday podcast and maybe, just maybe, get the whole team singing happy birthday. If you have any real talent (and we’re not talking singing in the shower here) why not make a video too?
    30. Cake Smashes aren’t just big for 1-year-olds. Get a cake and a willing member of your team, maybe your founder, tie their hands behind their back and get them to eat the cake. Why not Facebook live for a little extra fun (no swearing!)
    31. Recognise the efforts of your employees. They helped you reach this milestone. Why not leave a little present on their desks in the morning to say Happy Birthday.
    32. Likewise, remember your family and friends who have supported you. Everyone’s been supported along the journey at some point.
    33. Finally, going back to number 6 why not have a birthday cake competition between the staff – just for a little added fun. Cake!

To stop the floods of emails coming in we’ll answer your next question right here. Our birthday is on the 8th of December!

Hope you found our list of 33 ways to celebrate company birthdays useful. We’d love to hear about your attempts to celebrate your company birthday. Even better why not send us a picture on social media!

** And if it is your company’s birthday today drop our founder an email, jonathan@deliveredsocial.com, and we might just have a present for you.

Also, if you are looking for one final way to celebrate your companies anniversary see below.

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