Improve Your Instagram Strategy

5 Simple Ways…

Instagram is one of our favourite social media platforms here at the Delivered Social office, and we understand the need to improve your Instagram strategy.

Within many of our Free Social Media Clinic’s a question we have been asked many times is “How do I improve my Instagram strategy?
Check out this Social Snippet to discover three of our favourite ways to improve your strategy. Then, read on for more!

1. Change Your Profile To A Business Profile

Sometimes posting aimlessly to Instagram is fun, but what happens when you want to find analytics?
When changing your account to a Business profile, this means you are able to gain access to Instagram Insights so you can see which posts are popular and how many people come to your profile. By gaining these statistics, you will be able to produce a clear Instagram strategy for yourself moving forward.

2. Take A Look At Your Page Overview

First impressions count and your page overview is the easiest way to express your branding. Ensure you add a profile picture, cover pictures for your Highlights and a clear and concise summary of what your business does. Perhaps try using emoji’s as bullet points for easy reading.

3. Use Instagram Stories To Your Advantage

Think of Instagram Stories as another way to express what your business is all about. From branded graphics to behind the scenes shots, you really can create something interesting for your viewers!
Another added element is the fact that you can see who is viewing your profile. This will let you know in a sneaky way who is looking at your profile, which is useful to find out who your biggest fans are, and even if your competitors are looking at you!

4. Raise Your Instagram Engagement

Due to the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, you’ve got to understand that engagement is key for staying in touch with your followers. As per this blog by Hootsuite, it’s known now that the algorithm is all about Relationships and staying “close” with your followers.

5. Consistent Posting To Improve Your Instagram Strategy

Don’t forget, when it comes to the Instagram algorithm and keeping up your relationship with your followers, always post consistently! Your followers will be awaiting your next post – So don’t shy away!
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