6 Things I Learned In My First Week In Marketing

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Hannah's First Week In Marketing

Wow-what a week! It’s been my first and this is my first ever published blog post! Hang in there, readers to learn about my first week in marketing!

6 Things I learned about marketing in my first week

1. Twitter is your new best friend

Who would’ve thought 140 characters could make such a big impact? Prior to this week, I was a complete Twitterphobe and I admit felt slightly intimidated about using such an alien platform. Wow – how quickly that has changed. Our Managing Director Jonathan has shown us just how powerful this social media tool can be, from amassing a following to contacting prospective clients, it really is invaluable to any business. What’s more, Delivered Social offer free social clinics to any business interested in learning more about growing their social media presence and making improvements to their website – you really can’t afford to miss this so drop us an email or tweet.

2. Scheduling Social Media posts makes life a whole lot easier. 

Most people are aware of the power of social media, and almost everyone has some form of a personal social media account. However, when it comes to growing your social media presence, particularly for business’ many people struggle. Engaging and consistently posting is also time-consuming – who wants to be manually posting three times a day? Get onto a scheduling program such as Meet Edgar or HootSuite ASAP. These programmes allow you to log future content including hashtags, links, and photos etc, and will even randomly post them so you don’t even have to consider timings. Taking the time to schedule a bulk of posts will save you so much time and allow you to get on with far more important tasks.

Image result for meet edgar3. Consistency is key

Having said that posting to social media is essential, so is consistency both in terms of quantity and quality. It’s no good scheduling a week’s worth of posts then forgetting to schedule the following week or month etc. Your followers need to be constantly reminded and engaging with your online presence. It really is key to make posting a priority.

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4. Remember variety is the spice of life.

You don’t want to sit and read the same thing over and over, & neither do your followers. Vary your posts with a mixture of motivational quotes, humourous sayings or jokes and as many images as you can. Images catch the eye and add color to your feed!

5. Less is more

When you scroll through social media on your lunch break, do you really take the time to read lengthy or wordy posts? Most people are short on time, or frankly just aren’t interested, so you need to ensure your post is snappy and to the point. In this case, less really is more & your followers will thank you for it.

6. Listen to those around you

When I had my interview with Jonathan I was told I would learn more in this job than any other – he’s certainly kept to his word. However, rather than feeling intimidated, I’ve loved every day of being at Delivered Social – the amount of knowledge Jon and Tash hold between them is incredible. Listening to others around you really is key to developing yourself and your business. The fact Tash and John run free social clinics is frankly a ridiculous opportunity for any business to learn some of the best tips and tricks of the social media trade. Tweet me or Delivered Social to get booked in while this opportunity is available.

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