Our Trip To Sands

It was a very special trip

Sands are a charity very close to our hearts, so when we arranged to take a trip to Sands to meet with the team to discuss their marketing needs, we knew this would be a very special day.

Beginning our day in Guildford with a coffee in hand, we began our journey into Victoria. It seems that every time we meet with the lovely team at Sands, the sun is shining!

We love arriving at meetings with goodies, so obviously we had to make a stop at Lola’s Cupcakes (they looked too good to pass!). When trying to decide what to get, believe us, it was a real struggle! Even at 8am in the morning, all of their different sweet treats are very tempting.

We eventually decided on Lola’s Tiny Cupcakes (they’re so cute) and the flavours were absolutely amazing – There really was something for everyone!

Lolas Cupcakes

Our Trip To Sands: Our Involvement with the charity

When marketing for a charity, it can be difficult. Subjects are sensitive to many people and there needs to be an informative side also, which is something we have been discussing with the team at Sands.

Along with supporting parents who have lost a child, their marketing efforts need to also show the importance of fundraising, research and so much more. Finding this balance can be difficult, and this is where our team at Delivered Social were keen to help.

Having a lost a son who was stillborn, our Head Honcho Jonathan has always looked for ways to support Sands. We are so pleased to announce that we are now Sands’ pro bono digital agency. We are so excited to be working with them to raise awareness of the amazing things that Sands do.

Find Out More

After reading about our trip to Sands, if you would like to find out more about Jonathan’s story, take a look on Huffington Post.

If you would like to learn more about Sands, head over to their website.