Delivered Social had the honour of delivering a Social Media Clinic session and a session called: How to Stay Safe Online to Orpheus. Orpheus is an independent specialist college for disabled adults that have a real love for the performing arts.

The trust itself offers an incredible space for its students to explore all creative avenues within the performing arts sector from recording studios to theatre productions.

Within the first five minutes of being at Orpheus, it was clear to see that all students and staff are extremely dedicated in fulfilling their incredible vision of building an inclusive world for everyone.

Social Clinic With Orpheus: What Happened

Orpheus currently operate on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (please see handles and info at the bottom of this page). Due to all the amazing productions, films and talents of their students, Orpheus staff were keen to learn what makes a successful social media presence online and were also keen to learn what makes their content exposure excellent. The answer? You’ll have to book in one of our Social Media Clinics to find out yourself!

The session also allowed us all to have a go at navigating their pages and giving top tips. These included how to make their amazing content available for the whole world to enjoy. And, how to make the content clear and ensure all their platforms were linked together.

After a very insightful, engaging and fun session, we all grabbed a cup of tea before prepping our next session. This was with some of the students: How to Stay Safe Online.

Upon realising everyone in the room was either Jon or Sue, we knew there was no need for name tags…  After the presentation and chat on how to stay safe on the web, we encouraged the students to get involved. They worked together to create steps for others to follow to stay safe online. Jon also explored how to recognise bullying online, how to deal with it, and who to report it to. The session was not just valuable to the students but to every single person in the room. The session gave a clear understanding and inspired us all to be more cautious, more knowledgeable and overall more aware online.

Delivered Social are honoured to be working with such an inspiring and creative company. We are very much looking forward to seeing what the future holds. And, we very much enjoyed our Social Clinic with Orpheus!

Check out some of the amazing work that Orpheus does on their website or on their social media! They also have some incredible productions and other exciting events coming up so keep your eyes peeled!

Finally, if you want some more information about our clinics, please get in touch or even better book in!

By Emily ?