Bulletproof Ways to Improve Your Business Website and Drive More Traffic

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When consumers land on your website, you’ll find many only take a look at one page before leaving. With that said, you need to do what you can to keep their attention, otherwise, potential customers will go elsewhere for their needs. Generating a positive first impression all falls down to how your business website looks. If you invest time, money, and effort into your page, this will show you’re a reputable company that cares about their brand.

Understandably, your goal will be to secure more traffic to your website. For this to happen, making changes to your page is essential. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some bulletproof ways on how to improve your business website and get people clicking on your page:

Freshen Your Content Regularly

If there’s one thing your business website desperately needs, it’s high-quality, engaging content. Without it, you can’t expect users to stick around. Whatever field of business you specialise in, your content needs to be informative, straight to the point, and keep people interested. It’s a good idea to fresh your content regularly. This means posting more often and keeping your site up to date. If you take your eye off the ball and don’t update your page for months and months, this won’t create the best first impression.

You don’t have to have a way with words yourself when it comes to content. Instead, consider hiring a freelance writer to craft compelling content for you. As long as you give guidelines, you’ll have content that gets your point across and elevates your brand.

Include Call-to-Actions

Call-to-actions are one of the most crucial elements of your business website. The clue is in the name in the sense of helping prompt your visitors to take action and buy into your products or services. This may involve downloading information, subscribing to your email list, or scheduling a free demo.

Every page on your business website needs to entice the reader into doing something. Just make sure readers don’t have to scroll and scroll before landing on the call to action. Displaying them clearly at the top of your page will increase the likelihood of visitors doing business with you.

Add Images and Video

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. When you click on a website, how do you feel if you’re presented with mountains of text? The answer? You’ll likely hover over the X button! With so many of us leading hectic lives, we just don’t have the time to sift through paragraph upon paragraph of text. Lots of businesses understand this and incorporate visuals as a way to get readers’ attention.

Adding images and video will give your business website an edge and get people talking. You can include tutorials and product photos, so users have a better idea of what you have to offer. Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy. There are web design surrey businesses like e-innovate who are experts in the field. They can help you incorporate visuals into your website, as well as help you with your digital marketing efforts.

Improve Page Speed

We’ve all been there. When you click on a website and it’s taking a long, long time to load. Our stress levels rise, and we quickly click off and go somewhere else. The time it takes to load a webpage can impact purchase decisions too. Shoppers want their online experience to be quick, easy, and seamless. When it comes to your business website, you need to be making sure your page loads quickly, otherwise, good luck holding onto your audience!

Now is the perfect time to take a speed test. This can give suggestions on how to improve the speed of your business website. You don’t want your search engine ranking to be negatively affected, so make sure to regularly test the speed of your website so you can be confident visitors have a pleasant experience.

Make It Mobile Responsive

Gone are the days when we’d have to use our bulky computers to check out websites. Over the years, the popularity of smartphones have skyrocketed. In the past, we could only use our phones to make a call or play a game of snake. However, nowadays, most of us cannot live without our trusty devices. If you’re always on your smartphone, you’ll know the importance of mobile-friendly websites.

To attract more customers, it’s essential your page is mobile-responsive. Your business website needs to be easy to navigate and appealing to the eye, both on a small device and a large computer. You cannot underestimate just how many of us use our phones to surf and shop, so make sure to take this into account.

Update Your Meta Descriptions

Visibility in search engine results is fantastic, but it doesn’t mean a thing if people aren’t clicking through to your webpage. Your meta description is the content (normally 100 characters) that is shown directly below your page title on search engine results.

Above anything else, you’ll want your meta descriptions to be unique to each page and feature keywords. Also, you need to have compelling descriptions that your audience are going to want to actually click on.

Display Testimonials

Testimonials are everything in business. It’s what can make a potential customer buy from you. If you have a testimonials page on your website full of gleaming reviews from happy customers, those interested in your services are going to have more faith and trust in your brand.

In a nutshell, customer testimonials help enormously in establishing credibility and encouraging visitors to make a purchase. You don’t need to overload the page with hundreds of reviews either. A few will be more than enough.

Aside from your social media business pages, your website will be one of the first things potential customers see. You’ll want to hook them in from the offset and get people checking out what you have to offer. A professional business website can build credibility, spread brand awareness, and most importantly, get people.

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