Is Company Conference Worth It?

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Is Company Conference Worth It

Have you got a company conference coming up? We understand that it is taking time out of the company and can be just another added expense. Is company conference worth it?

We think that do it well and it can be the best thing to happen to you and your team!

Here is just five of the benefits we found today after getting back from ours.

1) Innovation.

Having a space external to the office to share new ideas, bounce each other’s ideas around, brainstorm, evaluate – it is all possible! Stepping out of the normal working environment allows you to look back on your day to day tasks and even allows your brain to regenerate with fresh ideas. Trust me, we now have plenty!

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2) Team Building.

Simple things like spending the day brainstorming, then leaving to have dinner and drinks not only builds your relationships with your team members but it also encourages people to come out of their shells, be themselves and for them to feel more comfortable with everyone.

3) Excitement.

Who wouldn’t want a night away? Our team certainly got excited! It is a great way to have something for your team to all work towards, create a buzz for around the office and even for them to feel appreciated and valued.

4) Sometimes…

people surprise you when you take them away. Jon, our Managing Director went Vegan for one meal to support our fellow team member Sammy! Not sure he will do it again… But who knew that party rings are vegan?!

5) Vision.

Sometimes taking the time out of your business is necessary to regroup and to all get on the same page of where your business is going.

So, is company conference worth it for you? When will you be off on your next company conference?

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