Coronavirus 120 Day Survival Plan

In partnership with The Guildford Hub

At the moment, things are very uncertain, and we know that many businesses are currently struggling with the Coronavirus pandemic. This is true for all business, big or small. Furthermore, it’s difficult to know what you should be doing to help your business through this time. That’s why Delivered Social has partnered with The Guildford Hub to bring you the Coronavirus 120 Day Survival plan Webinar. You can view the webinar, full of useful information, on YouTube here:

Coronavirus 120 Day Survival Plan: The Contents

In this webinar, Allen from The Guildford Hub takes you through everything you need to know. He provides a framework to help you plan the next 120 days. It will not only help your business survive the lockdown period but also thrive once restrictions are lifted and things are back to normal. The webinar will also guide you on how to stay relevant to and in touch with your customers and prospects during this uncertain time. The main points covered are:

  • What is the month’s focus?
  • What are your targets or measures?
  • Finally, what are the key tasks you need to be completing?

In the future, we will be broadcasting more webinars in partnership with Allen and The Guildford Hub. We want to bring even more support, help you deliver, refine your plans, and keep you accountable. Most importantly, we want to help you to remain active and positive!

At Delivered Social, we want to help businesses during this time in whatever way we can. If you’d like to see what other help and support we have available, including free services, webinars like this one, and mental health support, please visit our Coronavirus page here. Don’t forget, you are not in this alone, and we can get through it together!