What is the first thing you do on your working day when you get into the office or arrive at your kitchen table?

  • Check your emails?
  • Make a cup of coffee/tea?
  • Write a to do list?

Have you ever set aside time to focus solely on the growth of your business?

Jon placed Build Your Business In 90 Minutes A Day by Nigel Botterill and Martin Gladdish on our desks on Friday afternoon. The task was to read this over the weekend and be ready to start our 30-day business development adventure together, starting Monday morning.  The inevitable WhatsApp group chat was made Friday evening, multiple gifs exchanged and by Sunday, post it notes were already accumulating.

Come Monday morning, we were all bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to enter our first session! With the rest of the team briefed on our mission, the rule was: no interruptions of any kind for the next 90 minutes. This was also the case on our part; phones, smartwatches and emails turned off.

The door to the meeting room was shut. We took our seats and the countdown began.

If you have already read the book, you will understand that each session should be mapped out and planned, so when it comes to it; you can hit the ground running with your plan in place. Our terrific trio with members Jon, Isabella and Sarah used this session to map out our next two weeks of morning meetings. (In hopes that we can go ahead with the goal of implementing our ideas after the first gathering.)

Each armed with a pad of sticky notes, a sharpie and stack of paper, ideas began to flow. Initially we concentrated the discussion on what we wanted to achieve over the 30-day period and came up with our key objectives.

Collectively, we decided that gaining new clients and retaining existing ones, were the principles at the top of our list.

How we were going to do this…

  • Double recurring revenue
  • Renaissance of our famous Social Clinics
  • Email strategy built 365
  • Blueprint initiative

Simply put, if we can double the recurring revenue for the company through our newly opened can of strategies, then we are doing something right. So that is exactly what we are going to do.

Since you are on our blog post right now, then you have definitely heard about our Social Clinics, and if you haven’t… well I’m a bit stuck as to how you could have missed the popcorn on one of our pages. A free Social Clinic, free advice on how to strengthen your business and free popcorn sounds too good to be true right? Well, it is true and it what we are very well known for. We believe in good free advice and since COVID-19 had such a huge impact on everyday life, Social Clinics were no longer able to take place on site. We want to be taking these clinics one step further now, although they have been successful virtually, the turnover rate is always higher when you are telling someone their website is awful in person. (Yes, Jon is brutally honest and will say it straight to your face!)

When Jon was asked; “What is your best marketing tool?” the answer was “Social Clinics”. So, this is a plan to be working towards in one of our upcoming 90 minutes.

Now, ask yourself the same question. Followed by…

How can you make it better?

The next focus point to gaining more clients was to use a tool that we could write up once and it would continuously do its work for the next 365 days and more…

This would be an automatic email set up for every day of the year. The aim is to write up a month’s worth of emails each in our next session (approx. 3 mins for each email). Once this is put in place, we will essentially be hitting your inboxes without the morning task of writing up a new email daily.

Lastly the Blueprint initiative… one of the harder things to do in our session was to name this strategy! By the end of day Fran, our Head of Web had designed this logo and you may have already seen it on our social media. Essentially, the Blueprint initiative will be giving you the most important steps for the development for your company.

The goal is to set this up in an app, so you can get notifications daily to allow you to progress in your business. Ticking off the vital steps to grow and focus. This will go on for 30 days, which by then it is discovered that a daily task will become a habit by this point. You can then thank us via review…

To finish off

A super important way to keep the team on track is to remind them exactly what we do and quotes which positively reinforce our actions. Jon came up with the superb idea to have a wall which showcases this. This was added to our tasks of the day to start making this positive wall come to life. Some of things you will be able to read are:

“So when are you getting and keeping customers today then?”

This first quote comes from the book, and as we mentioned before is a crucial part of not just maintaining but developing a business.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago… the second-best time is now

The second quote is ALSO from the book (yes, we were very inspired) and relates to the important point of acting NOW. There is no time like the present.


Make it so…

Star Trek obviously had to feature in ANOTHER location in our office… Jon already has his Starships mounted on the meeting room wall we were working in this morning. So… that is where the last quote comes in.

The above are just a selection of our favourite quotes, but I can guarantee you will be seeing the finished product in a later blog.

This first 90-minute session was a great success as it was solely focusing on Delivered Social and how we can achieve our goals. It was the best thing we could have done for the company in 90 minutes on a Monday morning. After Jon making a strange noise after forgetting an idea, Issy (unknowingly) taking the last toilet roll, due to hay fever and Sarah’s despairing looks, it was in all a successful start to the day.