We are sure you all know about our Delivered Social Green initiative by now, but if you don’t – here’s why we’ve made it to the finals of the Global Social Media Awards!

For the past few years, we’ve been working with hundreds of charities from all over the country. Our mission is to give these amazing people the same chance at online exposure and building a loyal audience as large organisations have.

That’s why we offer our digital marketing services for free. We’ve created amazing new websites from scratch that give the charities a place to advertise their amazing work and volunteers. This way, they have a platform to direct sponsors and potential volunteers to – should they need information or a way to sign up.

Before, many organisations like these were relying on word of mouth and the occasional advertisement on local schools or shop windows. It just isn’t enough for these small charities that don’t have the budget to go bigger. With our help, they have a branded site with plenty of information and links to resources. Take a look at some of our Green Case Studies to see what we’ve produced!

Our head honcho, Jon explained what this ongoing mission means to our company:

“Limited funding and no budget for marketing or advertising strategies should not be a reason these amazing charities can’t access online platforms. It’s the best place to be seen and makes supporting them or donating to their cause so much easier for the general public. To give them this opportunity for free is the least we could do in return for the work and effort they put in around the country.”

As well as this, we create completely branded and engaging social media content.

We’ll put together a host of posts and designs along with some engaging copy that can be used to brand the charities’ feeds and give them something to recirculate in the future. We call this ‘evergreen content’.

Combining these two services will ensure every organisation has the platform and opportunity to grow and reach a larger audience than they would without. Sometimes a little help is needed to make the leap and get to where you want to be. That’s where we step in!

Best Charity Campaign

Because of our charity work and our ongoing mission to provide free digital marketing to non-profits, we have the honour of being finalists in this year’s Global Social Media Awards!

We are so proud to be one of three finalists in the category for the Best Charity Campaign. Our charitable contributions have proved award-worthy in the past as we are also winners of the Agency Awards!

Our newly appointed Cheif Operating Officer, Natalie says:

“We’re thrilled that our work with charities and non-profits through Delivered Social Green has been recognised by the Global Social Media Award. We’ll be sat in the room, theoretically speaking, with some of the most renowned agencies and brands, making this is a great platform for us to shout and be proud about the work we (and our clients) do! 2022 has started with a bang, and there’s so much more to come from Delivered Social, so watch this space!”

Being amongst hundreds of other agencies from around the world and the 23 experienced judges selecting us as finalists is an incredible moment. The panel consists of 23 esteemed leaders and industry experts who evaluate the campaigns against harsh criteria. It’s always nerve-wracking waiting to find out how we got on, but in an award that concerns the globe – it was even more of a nail-biting moment.

Just a couple of the judges include Joanna Bodley, a senior digital marketing lecturer at Manchester University and Michael Bonfils, global managing director of INTL Media Management Corp. Having people of such stature place us in the final makes our team want to work even harder towards an amazing Delivered Social Green initiative!

You can find out more about the judges and awards here!

Check Your Socials!

The awards are being announced online on March 17th, so keep an eye out on Twitter for the results in real-time. Alternatively, you can take a look at our platforms to see what fun we have planned to celebrate being finalists! Let’s just say there’s a pretty good chance of the best-dressed being one of the Delivered Social team on the 17th…

Thank you all for your support with the work we do and to the charities for always being so fantastic to work with. Your employees and volunteers do some brilliant things.

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