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We’re really proud to announce our newest Delivered Social Green partnership, with CHOICE Study. The study is sponsored by the University of Edinburgh and funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Health Technology Assessment Programme. It addresses the question “Is it safe, effective, cost-effective and acceptable to women to carry out home cervical ripening during IOL (Induction of Labour)?” IOL is the most common obstetric intervention, offered to women when risks of continuing the pregnancy are thought to outweigh risks of delivery. Currently in the UK, just over 30% of pregnant women have their labour induced.

“Cervical ripening is a key component of IOL, whereby application of a drug or mechanical method over a number of hours, causes softening, shortening, and opening of the cervix in preparation for labour. Traditionally cervical ripening has been performed entirely in-hospital, to allow monitoring of mother and baby, and to recognise complications.  However, an increasing number of maternity units offer home cervical ripening, whereby women attend hospital for initial assessment and administration of cervical ripening agent; and then return home for a period of time (usually 24 hours), before reassessment in hospital. Home cervical ripening has the potential to reduce hospital stay during IOL, reducing costs to health services, and maybe more acceptable to women. However, this has not been fully evaluated, and possible benefits could be offset by increased costs of any additional morbidity resulting from home cervical ripening, costs to parents may be increased, and acceptability of home cervical ripening is unknown. Health services need to balance the full resource impact of IOL with the need to provide safe and acceptable care.”

This week, October 9-15 2020, is Baby Loss Awareness Week (BLAW). This is a cause that is very close to our hearts here at Delivered Social. You can find out about some of the work we did around it last year below. Dr. Sarah Stock, the Chief Investigator of the study, is also a trustee of SANDS, the baby loss charity that we have worked closely with in the past. We think that any study that links into this, and helps to assess the ways that baby loss can possibly be prevented, is highly important, so we are hugely proud to support this study this week more than any.

What are we doing with CHOICE Study?

We are working with them to produce a brand new website that showcases the study, it’s aims, and eventually, it’s outcomes. We think that it’s incredibly important for such vital study to have a platform such as this. We hope that the website will increase the public’s knowledge of the study and the outcomes, which may also help pregnant people to make their own informed choices in the future.

As part of our Delivered Social Green initiative, we are providing this website to CHOICE study completely free of charge, in order to support them and their important endeavours.  We think it’s very important to support a range of causes, and this one in particular because of the impact it can have on public health.

More on Delivered Social Green

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