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Guildford Fringe

We are pleased to announce our latest project, working with Guildford Fringe Theatre Company to boost their social media! We have partnered with them as a part of our Delivered Social Green initiative. Find out more about what we’re doing with them here…

What is Guildford Fringe Theatre Company?

Guildford Fringe are a local theatre and events company that have joined together to bring unique and quirky events to Guildford. Within the team, they run different charities and businesses that focus on promoting the arts and comedy to local areas. Within the work they do, The Wysch Foundation charity was set up to allow people from all walks of life to have access to the arts. Even those who could not otherwise afford to go to a drama school or join a theatre company, now have the opportunity.

Their message is clear, and they work extremely hard to spread their love of theatre to everyone around them. In 2013, they set up the Guildford Fringe Festival, encouraging acts of all kinds to join in and demonstrate their talents. From comedy to exhibitions and burlesque – they have it all. It just goes to show how serious these guys are about the arts being part of people’s lives. Their job doesn’t stop there though. We are also working with a few more of their organisations.

  • Wysch Productions
  • Gag House Comedy
  • Godalming Panto
  • Theatrical Marketing

All of these amazing businesses and charities bring talent and entertainment to the local area, along with a really prominent message.

You can find out more about Guildford Fringe Theatre Company and the work they do by visiting here. 

What are we doing with Guildford Fringe Theatre Company?

Delivered Social are proud to be supporting Guildford Fringe Theatre Company with social media support and SEO to really boost their presence online. We don’t think enough people know about the amazing work they do, so we can’t wait to get started! Our team know all about the importance of building your online brand and how far it can take companies like Guildford Fringe Theatre Company. That’s why we will work hard to produce some amazing, unique content for the platforms of their choice. We hope it will help raise more money for the fantastic charity work they do and spread the word about all the talent we have around here!

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More about Delivered Social Green

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You can find out more about us on the Delivered Social Green site here.

Finally, even if you’re not a charity or other non-profit, we can, of course, still offer you the full range of digital marketing services that you may need! Find out more about us here.

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