Delivered Social Working With Moroccan Dialysis Charity

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Moroccan Dialysis Charity

We are pleased to announce our latest project, working with Moroccan Dialysis Charity to create a brand new website! We have partnered with them as a part of our Delivered Social Green initiative. Find out more about what we’re doing with them here…

Who Are Moroccan Dialysis Charity?

The Moroccan Dialysis Charity was set up after the founder Tariq found himself extremely ill with sudden kidney failure. He went through full dialysis treatment abroad while leading a group of International schools as their Headmaster. As a result, Tariq found that he could not do as much as before and began looking for things he could delve into. This is when his wife suggested he should compile stories from his school days that he often told to friends and family.

With so many amazing memories, Tariq was able to turn his life into a book which he now sells in order to fun the amazing Moroccan Dialysis Charity. With these sales, the charity can now fund the full dialysis treatment, medication and other care needed for those in countries where the costs are too high for what they can afford.

Without the full treatment, dialysis rarely works for very long and so after his own experience, Tariq wanted to ensure as many people as possible could benefit from the care he received.

What are we doing with Moroccan Dialysis Charity?

Delivered Social are proud to be supporting Moroccan Dialyasis Charity with their first ever website and logo to help boost their presence online and hopefully increase funding. We don’t think enough people know about the amazing work they do, so we can’t wait to get started! Our team know all about the importance of building your online brand and how far it can take companies like Moroccan Dialysis Charity. That’s why our team can’t wait to get the new site live and spread the logo far and wide. We hope it will help raise more money for the fantastic charity work they do.

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