Delivered Social Working With The Haslemere Penny Ha’Penny Trust

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We are pleased to announce our latest Delivered Social Green project, working with The Haslemere Penny Ha’Penny Trust on some social media campaigns and websites! Find out more about the work we are doing with them here…

What is The Haslemere Penny Ha’Penny Trust?

The Haslemere Penny Ha’Penny Trust is a charitable trust for the community of the Haslemere area to enable voluntary projects to be financed. This is a fantastic charity that brings the community together, encouraging kindness and support which has been particularly vital during these unsettling, challenging times.

The charity came to light in 2016 to raise and distribute money within the Haslemere area to organisations whose activities will benefit local residents. Since then, donations have helped a number of local causes – most recently, the communities generous donations have enabled the charity to help a local bereaved family pay for the funeral of a much-loved relative they would otherwise have been unable to afford. In addition, they’ve supported the NHS and “Meals on Wheels”, helping to keep community spirits up and give back to the community during this turbulent time.

Their motto is always “supporting the community”, and this has remained at the very heart of all they do throughout their active years. This has become even more important in recent times as we’ve pulled together to overcome obstacles.

You can find out more about The Haslemere Penny Ha’Penny Trust and the work they do by clicking here.

What are we doing with The Haslemere Penny Ha’Penny Trust?

Delivered Social are proud to be helping The Haslemere Penny Ha’Penny Trust with a brand new website that will professionally promote the amazing work they do within the community, allowing them to gain additional support as a result. We’ll also be creating a social media campaign to showcase the local causes they’ve successfully supported, again increasing their brand awareness and encouraging more members of the community to donate to this fantastic charity.

As Surrey locals ourselves, the Delivered Social team are all very excited to be able to support them in their mission and show our support to the community doing what we do best! It’s so important for any charity to have a solid website platform with a clear call to action route, alongside a variety of social media platforms showcasing their work as it will help them to reach a wider audience and gain additional donations.

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You can find out more about us on the Delivered Social Green site here.

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