Barketing our way to success

Hi, I’m Dembe, the Chief Barketing Officer here at Delivered Social. I’m the original Delivered Social Frenchie, so don’t get me confused with Delenn. I was here first, and thus, I deserve more treats.

Chances are, however, you are here to learn more about working with Delivered Social.

Not only are we one of the highest-rated agencies in the UK, but we’re also passionate about our corporate social responsibilities and delivering great work for you, our client. We know that the demands of business are tough, and sometimes, you’ve got to have a Chief Barketing Officer by your side. So what does that actually mean? Well it means I’m in charge of our Customer Charter – an extension of our terms and conditions.

If you run into any challenges or need a little helping paw all you’ve got to do is email and I’ll do my best to help.

And remember if you do pop in and visit dog treats are appreciated. It’s hard work keeping an eye on these hoomans.