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We’d like to introduce the newest member of Delivered Social: Families 1st 4 Additional Needs! 3 parents set up this great charity. They were tired of not getting the right services or answers as families with various additional needs. They are a community-based charity that offers parents and families support, advice, activities and workshops pre and post-diagnosis for ASD, ASC, and complex and additional needs. The charity also runs various groups and meetups for families experiencing similar things. They can meet up, gain confidence, make friends and get so much support and advice.

Based in Newcastle, Families 1st 4 Additional needs does amazing work in their local community. Their aim is to give parents and carers a voice, help them understand what is happening, share and information and learn together. We’re really proud to be able to support this charity. We’re looking forward to helping them grow and achieve their mission with our services.

What are we doing with Families 1st 4 Additional Needs?

Firstly, we are pleased to be working with Families 1st 4 Additional needs on a brand new website, alongside social media posts and a new brochure. Having a website is very important to give the charity an increased online presence. So, people who need their support or would like to donate can find them far more easily. The charity already has a good presence on social media, sharing lots of helpful articles and information. We are here to assist them even further with their social media endeavours! Finally, Families 1st 4 Additional Needs currently use eBay sales to generate income. So, we’re designing a brochure to primarily explain how they use eBay for fundraising. And, it will also be used to invite businesses to donate stock for them to sell! As always, we are providing our services totally FREE of charge to this great charity.

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More about Delivered Social Green

Are you a charity or non-profit organisation like Families 1st 4 Additional Needs who needs a bit of digital marketing assistance? That’s where Delivered Social Green come in! We set it up to help people just like you. So, we offer a comprehensive range of marketing services, including websites, social media, SEO, videos, design, and much more. Plus, we do all of our Green work for FREE. We believe that charitable organisations should never pay to access the best marketing tools. This money can always be put to better use elsewhere! We’ve already helped many local and national charities so we would love you to be the next one!

You can find out more about us on the Delivered Social Green site here– we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Finally, even if you’re not a non-profit like Families 1st 4 Additional Needs, we still offer a full range of marketing services! Find out more about us here.

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