February 17th 2020 marked Delivered Social’s February RAK Day!

What is RAK Day?

At Delivered Social, we love putting on regular RAK Days for the local businesses in Guildford town centre. RAK Day stands for random acts of kindness day. We want to spread a bit of cheer and brighten up the days of the people in Guildford. So, we run our RAK Days several times a year and they always prove popular. This time, we decided to hold our February 2020 RAK Day on international Random Acts of Kindness Day. Since it’s a cause we like to support year-round, we thought we couldn’t ignore this special day in the calendar! It’s important to be kind to everyone, and RAK Day is just one way that we spread a bit of kindness in our community.

What did we do for February 2020 RAK Day?

As usual, we spent the Friday before RAK Day busily preparing for it. This included gathering the RAK Day gifts, wrapping them up, numbering the flyers, and putting them into envelopes. Then on Monday, it was an early start to distribute as many of the flyers as possible to businesses around Guildford. Once we were back at the office, people started commenting on our Facebook post and it was time to head out and distribute the gifts!

We gave out loads of gifts throughout the day and hope we brought a few smiles to people’s faces. As usual, we took out Instagram frame out and about with us and took plenty of photos with the businesses of Guildford that we then shared on social media.

Thank you very much to everyone who took part in February 2o20 RAK Day- we couldn’t do it without you all! Look out for the next one, which we hope will be even bigger and better than ever.

Want to read more about our previous RAK Days? We’ve written about them on our blog page. Also, on our YouTube channel, you will find all the videos that we have done about them. Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!