Why do I have to pay for hosting?

Even with a Free Website build, Websites need a place to live, and that’s what hosting is – You cannot have a website without it living somewhere!

Your website will live on our dedicated servers and we will also cover your monthly technical updates as an additional service.

The website build and design is completely free – our time spent on building your website doesn’t cost you a penny.

Our lowest hosting charge is just £28.95 per month. That’s only £347.40 per year. To put this into prospective a 5 page website would usually cost £849 upfront to purchase!

What if I want some help with SEO but I cannot afford it?”

We have an incredible hosting package which includes 1 fully SEO ready blog written by one of our team based on keyword research on your company and industry!

It’s only £124.95+VAT per month.

Who does the website belong to?

Yes, your Free Website belongs to you! We are just your service provider.

I’m scared, I’ll break my website by making tweaks – Will you be around to help?

Once your website is built, we will show you how to use and edit it so you can make the amendments you’d like to make in the future. If it is quick fixes, we will, of course, help free of charge. If the fix requires more staff time, we’d charge an hourly rate. Rest assured, we want to make sure you’re trained to use your website without needing to pay out!

Will I be seen on Google?

Yes, you will want to make sure you set up your Google Business Profile (it’s free) and link your free website to it! You’ll also be able to collect customer reviews here to help build credibility and trust within your community for people checking you out online!

I want to be on Page 1 of Google – will my website do that?

SEO is a long-term strategy—it is not a one-off. We can advise you on what you need to do for Google to love your website, or we offer SEO packages that are more advanced than our SEO/Hosting package if you want a more thorough SEO strategy for your free website.