The way businesses get their messages out there has changed dramatically over recent years. While it used to be common practice to put a press release together and get it published in the media a few days later, today there’s no guarantee anyone will even open it. Editors get sent thousands of press releases every single day. Each one is from someone who thinks their announcement/product/idea is something people want to read about. But the brutal truth? What’s amazing to you might be simply “whatever” to a busy editor. Unless it’s truly ground-breaking and resonates perfectly from the word go, it’s just another bit of email clutter. So, how do you tell people about your next big thing when you can’t get anyone to publish it? By going direct to the source, speaking to your customers, and hopefully getting noticed online.

Social Media Is Key To Getting Noticed Online

In his book The New Rules of Marketing and PR, marketing guru David Meerman Scott refers to social media as “the most important communications revolution in human history.” And he’s probably right. Never before have we been able to speak to millions of people, from anywhere in the world, in real-time. The internet has completely changed the way we communicate with each other, and the opportunities for companies to get instant PR are endless.

So, that’s easy then – all you have to do now is get a few Facebook and Twitter posts together and everyone’s going to hear how wonderful you are!

Sadly, no.

You see, all this instant communication has a downside too. It’s great that the internet has enabled to speak to millions of potential customers, but there’s no guarantee anyone will listen. Especially when everyone else is shouting just as loudly.

Just like editors who ignore press releases, today’s consumers are suffering from information overload. They have high expectations too, because they’re being presented with so many lovely shiny things every single day.

Write as many social media posts and blogs as you like. But, all that hard work is pointless if nobody reads them.

Getting Noticed Online: What’s Next?

Investing in SEO is a start, but getting visitors to your website doesn’t mean they’ll stay. You’ll only hang on to people if they like what you have to say and feel you have something to offer them. That means engaging, well-written content that your customers want to read.

Fans of Mad Men will remember Don Draper saying, “Advertising is based on one thing: happiness.” Don didn’t get everything right, but nobody understood how to get customers to buy stuff like he did. He knew that the way to people’s hearts (and pockets) was to tell them stories that made them smile.

Great copy makes people smile. It also makes them think, share and – most importantly – buy. It’s what really seals the deal and makes you stand out from the rest of the noise. Whatever line of business you’re in, you need great copy, written by someone who really understands both your business and what makes your customers happy.

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